Peas, grown With Love

Pea possibilities are infinite! From pea soup to risotto to ice cream...
Peas are a sweet and nutritious piece of summer that can be used
in the making of a range of dishes throughout the year.

What makes a pea a
Birds Eye pea?

It takes dedication, generations
of expertise, growing varieties
no one else does and, most of all,
love, to make our peas taste so sweet.

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All about pea nutrition

Learn more about the
nutritional values of peas

Pea Soup Recipes

Pea Soup recipes made with love
to get that familiar flavor. Explore the
best ideas to learn how to cook
the perfect Pea Soup.

Sweet Birds Eye Peas

Nutrition fact about peas!

Our peas are low in sugars,
high in fibre and protein,
and a source of vitamin C!

Mushy Pea recipe

Did you know frozen peas are great?

Only taking care of the whole process,
from the field to your table,
is how we can offer you the best garden peas.

Pea Fact!

There are 35,000 hectares of peas
grown in the UK each year, equivalent
to about 70,000 football pitches. This
produces about 160,000 tonnes of frozen
peas - that's 2 billion 80 gram portions.

Pea and Rice Recipes

If you are a Pea and Rice lover,
these are just the perfect pea recipes
for you. From a simple side dish to a
popular risotto to light up your creativity.

You won't believe
what peas can do for you!

Green peas are one of nature's finest
vegetables. They are packed with
nutrients, including protein and vitamin C. A standard portion of peas contains
fewer than 100 calories!

Pea and Ham Soup Recipe