Fabulous Party Finger Food Ideas to Dazzle Your Guests

Are you on the hunt for party-worthy finger food? Well, you’re in the right place. Here at Birds Eye, we know a thing or two about getting the party started! For us, that starts with food! Whether you’re looking for indulgent party finger food or want to keep things simple, these are sure to please even the fussiest of eaters with zero cutlery required.

These easy finger foods are not only delightful on the tastebuds, but perfect for any size crowd, keeping your guests satisfied and snacking for hours. Do you want to know a secret? Most of our finger food recipes take less than 60 minutes to prepare, making hosting a party an absolute breezeThat means less time in the kitchen and more time catching up with loved ones! Head over to our easy starter recipes for more party inspiration! 

No matter the occasion, we’ve got something to please everyone. So, the next time you have people over, take your party to the next level with our finger food ideas. PS: They’re so good, you might not have room for mains! If you’re looking for some dinner party mains, take a look at our tempting and tasty stress free dinner party ideas.

Finger Food Recipes

We’ve got something for everyone, and we’re sure you’ll love these delicious finger food ideas. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to dazzle your guests with your chef skills!

1. BBQ Chicken Dipper Nachos

Say bye-bye to regular nachos and hello to our tantalising BBQ chicken dipper nachos! This twist on a classic Mexican dish will have mouths watering in no time and only takes 30 minutes to make. Now, isn’t that fantastic! Simply pile up our cooked (as per pack instructions) crispy chicken dippers with BBQ sauce, grated cheese and pop into the oven for 5 minutes for the ultimate party finger food. Finish the dish off with a sprinkle of tomatoes and spring onions. Time to tuck in. But be quick, as the dippers will be gone in seconds!

2. Crispy Prawns with Sweet Chilli and Pea Puree

Crispy, juicy, and easy to make, what’s not to love! We give you: our crispy prawns with a sweet chilli pea puree. This is truly a unique finger food idea to serve up and make heads turn! Dish up the succulent breaded prawns on a bed of sweet chilli pea puree, for a unique side dip. This dish is perfect as a finger food appetiser and party snack for occasions all year around! Now that’s what we call a party starter!

3. Cheesy Bacon Fritters 

These fritters are the real deal! They’re flavourful, crispy, addictive and guaranteed to leave everyone happy. Now that sounds like a win-win situation, right? You can make these fritters as simple or fancy as you like, so get your creative hat on! The saltiness from the bacon combined with the sweetness of the peas is a match made in heaven. Serve these fritters on a bed of rocket alongside a homemade aioli dip, for the perfect party finger food! Parties and get togethers just got 10 times tastier!

4. Posh Fish Finger Wraps

Plate up these posh fish finger wraps at your next get together. It’s a classy twist on a British classic and can be whipped up in minutes. Simply serve breaded fish fingers in a fluffy tortilla wrap alongside a dollop of lime yoghurt, salsa, lettuce, and garnish with a sliced lemon. perfect finger food that’s sure to go down a treat! Bon Appetit!

5. Pea and Shrimp Rice Paper Rolls

Watch your guests light up with joy with this amazing party finger food! Make way for our shrimp and pea rice paper rolls: a deliciously fresh Asian-inspired delight! Pair juicy tiger prawns with peas, noodles, carrots, chilli, and fresh mint in rice paper and tightly roll. Serve with a creamy and moreish peanut butter dip, for an extra burst of flavour. This dish will have your guests’ taste buds dancing with joy!

Tempting Vegetarian Finger Food Ideas 

Get ready to be crowned hostess with the ‘mostess’. From potato bhajis to stuffed mushrooms, these vegetarian finger foods are sure to get party started!

1. Pea and Potato Bhajis with Coconut and Mint Chutney

Bring a taste of India to your next party! These pea and potato bhajis are a real delight, packed with bold flavours and served in under an hour. These are guaranteed to leave your guests craving more. For the most scrumptious bhajis, combine potatoes, peas, onions, green chilli, and some vibrant spices and deep fry till golden brown. This finger food recipe is perfect as a canape served alongside a simple yet flavoursome mint and coconut chutney. If you loved this recipe, why not check out our spicy pea and spinach baked bhaji? It’s sure to knock your socks off!

2. Green Cuisine Meat-Free Sushi

Wow your guests with this vegan sushi recipe, guaranteed to satisfy their sushi craving without a trace of fish. The best part is that there’s not much cooking involved (besides cooking the rice and “meat” balls) all you need is a sharp knife and some cling film. The creaminess from the avocado perfectly complements the crunchiness of the vegetables and subtle flavour of the rice. It’s a truly magnificent party finger food! Time to dive in!

3. Pea and Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Cheesy, garlicky, and packed full of flavour: there’s every reason this easy finger food recipe will become a party favourite! We love to fill ours with cream cheese, peas, and pine nuts, but you can fill them with whatever you fancy! Simply spoon your mixture of choice into the mushroom caps, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and bake in the oven for 10 minutes. Serve on a bed of salad and tuck into this creamy, moreish delight! Yes, you did that!

4. Mediterranean Vegetarian Skewers

Move out the way meat, there’s a new kid on the block! Discover our Mediterranean vegetarian skewers: the perfect party finger food to wow your crowd with! Easy to make, colourful and aesthetically pleasing, you can’t go wrong! Simply add courgettes, cherry tomatoes and cooked meat-free meatballs onto a skewer and serve alone or alongside your favourite sauce or dip! Just like that, your starters are served!

5. Grilled Halloumi with Pine Nuts, Broad Beans and Rocket

Turn up the flavour-meter with this refreshing and light dish. This nourishing salad is filled with broad beans, spring onions and pine nuts topped with thin cuts of halloumi and a hint of lemon juice and chilli. For that extra special touch, serve alongside a bed of rocket and peas and a sprig of mint! This vegetarian finger food will leave you guest speechless!


Now that you’ve mastered the art of making finger foods, why not look at our other fab frozen food inspiration? From kids’ party food ideas to new year’s eve inspiration, we’ve got something for everyone here at Birds Eye!