Starter Recipes from Birds Eye

Here at Birds Eye, we’re well aware of the importance of creating a sumptuous yet simple starter. Whether you’re putting together a dinner party platter that will impress and delight your guests in equal measure, or an appetiser for a special meal with the family – we know how vital it is to get things off on the right foot. So, we have compiled some recipes that are ideally suited to be starters.

Dinner Party Starters

Fish tacos
If it’s a dinner party where you want your guests to be on the move and mingling, then this is an ideal option. Peppery rocket and a simmering salsa will mean these tacos will be the talk of the party!

Pea blinis with parma ham and mint & melon salsa
This is a creation you can truly be proud of as it’s one you can call your own! Our recipe will take you through in simple steps and once you’re through, your guests will be ever so hap-pea with the unique flavour combination sat on an airy blini bed lighter than a cloud. It’s an ideal light starter for a sizzler of a summer party.


Warm Mackerel and Pea Salad
It’s not a real dinner party spread without a salad, and we’ve got one which will complement your other dishes beautifully. What’s more, it will take a mere seven minutes to sauté your mackerel fillets, boil Birds Eye peas and your eggs, before mixing them all into your salad to make a dish that is brimming with goodness for your guests.

Fish Finger Platter
Fish fingers have enjoyed a renaissance period since the turn of the century, but you don’t need to turn out to a restaurant or gastropub to see them gloriously prepared – you can do it from the comfort of your own home to bring your guests a platter to remember! Simply place ketchup and your very own tartar sauce.  in two pots in the centre of the dish, then sandwich our gloriously crispy fish fingers and iceberg lettuce in small wholemeal slices of bread, before dotting them around the edge of your platter to create a dipping experience like no other.


Easy Starter Recipes for a Family Meal 

Tuna melt waffletopper
If you think waffles are just for kids – think again… This will of course be a real treat for them to kick off dinnertime, but if you’re bored of a tuna melt panini then our waffles are a solid substitute full of potatoey goodness.

Seared salmon with sauté of peas and asparagus with chive cream
Dress your dinner table up in all its finery because this is a starter for a classy three-course meal. A combination of nutritional veg and a homemade sauce has been chosen to complement your seared salmon to perfection, and leave you with the ultimate kick start to your evening.
Pea and ham soup
It takes a mere ten minutes to prep this pea and ham soup, but it will linger far longer in your family’s memory. It’s a British classic for a reason – warm, soothing, and reviving – it could well be crowned the king of starters.

We hope we’ve shown that you need not stress over starters. Keep calm and allow Birds Eye to guide you to success whether you’re cooking them up for a dinner party or just a simple family meal!