New Year's Eve Dinner Ideas and Menu Inspiration

New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration and merriment, whether you’re relaxing with family or hosting a party! Whatever your plans are, planning your New Year’s Eve dinner is really important, as it can quickly become stressful and frustrating when trying to find food that everyone will enjoy.

To ensure you ring in the New Year with joy, as well as some delicious food, we’ve created a list of amazing New Year’s Eve food ideasand recipes incorporating our frozen food products to help you save money while ending the year on a high note.


Creating a New Year's Eve Menu

  1.  Make a plan: Before you decide on what food to prepare, you need to consider how you plan to spend your New Year’s Eve. Are you hosting a large party, a small get together, or relaxing in front of the TV with family? Deciding on this will make choosing an appropriate New Year’s Eve meal much easier.

  2.  Consider your guests: Think about the people you’re going to be feeding. Are they vegetarians? Do they have any allergies or dietary requirements? Or are they just really picky? Thinking about this can help you rule out certain dishes and get a sense for your options.

  3.  Keep it simple and organised: Once you’ve worked out who you’re cooking for, try to make a plan and stick to it! Whether you’re preparing a buffet, finger food platters or a traditional three course meal, don’t be too ambitious and try to pick dishes that complement each other.


New Year’s Eve Starter Ideas

You may be celebrating the end of the year, but starting strong is really important also. Get your New Year’s Eve dinner off on the right foot with these starter ideas.

1. Peas and Shrimp and Asian Vegetable Rice Paper Rolls

This is a great starter because it is light and flavourful, preparing your appetite for the rest of the meal without being too filling or stodgy. Consider using Birds Eye frozen Garden Peas to make this recipe both simple and tasty!

2. Pea and Blue Cheese Filo Tarts

The texture in these delicious filo tarts beautifully combines fluffy pastry and a creamy filling, packing incredible flavour into a tiny package! Their small size and simple preparation make them a perfect choice as a starter dish or as part of a larger buffet style dinner.

3. Crispy Chicken and Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms

Another really simple and delicious starter for your New Year’s dinner are these chicken and cheesy stuffed mushrooms. This is a really comforting and warming dish that again works as a starter or as part of a finger food buffet, meaning its ideal for keeping things flexible. Consider using Birds Eye crispy chicken breasts for added crunch and flavour while making dinner a doddle!

New Year's Eve Dinner Ideas

If the starters are the sparklers, then the main course are the fireworks display of your New Year’s Eve dinner. This means your dishes really need to impress, so check out these ideas to blow your guests socks off!

1. Chicken Dipper Fajitas Recipe 

Fajitas are a perfect food for any occasion, as they’re delicious, easy to prepare in various quantities, and can be enjoyed at the dinner table or outside! Preparing these fajitas couldn’t be easier, especially if you use Birds Eye Chicken Dippers to provide crunch as well as flavour.

2. Chicken Pasta Bake Recipe

Pasta bakes are an incredibly warming and delicious dinner idea, and would work really well as part of your New Year’s Eve meal plan because it is easy to make in large quantities while still tasting amazing.

Again, you can use Birds Eye Chicken Dippers to make this dish even easier to prepare and bring some amazing texture to this classic dish.

3. Chicken and Avocado Burger

Another versatile and delicious choice for any type of New Year’s Eve Party are chicken and avocado burgers. These burgers are light and bring together classic complementary flavours that you can add to with a buttery corn on the cob as a side!

You can use Birds Eye Chicken Burgers or even Birds Eye Chicken in Batter to make sure the burgers taste amazing every time!

4. Pea and Goat Cheese Tart (V)

If you’re looking for an amazing vegetarian option to ensure everyone can celebrate New Year’s with delicious food, check out this creamy pea and goat cheese tart recipe, using Birds Eye Garden Peas!

New Year's Eve Snacks

Snacks are the perfect addition to any New Year’s Eve dinner, as they can add a little extra flavour or make a tasty nibble for those who don’t fancy eating very much.

1. Pea & Potato Bhajees with Coconut & Mint Chutney

Bhajees are a favourite snack or side dish that often accompany Indian food, known for their aromatic flavour and delicious texture. They make great finger food and are a delicious mouthful for people with a smaller appetite.


2. Homemade Aioli Recipe

The perfect accompaniment to a bowl of chips, Aioli is a delicious and rich sauce that can make sure your snacks taste even better and can even be used with main dishes too.

3. BBQ Chicken Dipper Nachos

If you need something to dip in your Aioli, these BBQ Chicken Nachos are a great option, especially for larger gatherings. Consider using Birds Eye Chicken Dippers to add even more crunch.


Hopefully these ideas will help make your New Year’s Eve food as memorable as it is mouth-watering, but if you need more food inspiration you can check out our fakeaway recipes to get all the convenience and flavour of a takeaway dinner without the expense!