Kids’ Party Food Ideas from Birds Eye

Here at Birds Eye, we’re all too aware of the hours and hours of preparation that go into organising children’s birthday parties. From the tiresome blowing up of balloons to the tedious wrapping of pass-the-parcel, we understand that parents’ puffed out faces and paper cut fingers are simply part of the deal. Knowing that one of the most time-consuming aspects is deciding what to feed your miniature guests, Birds Eye are here to lighten your load by offering some (fish) finger-licking good kids’ party food ideas. 

We reckon that easy-to-prepare kids’ party food doesn’t have to be all sugar and no substance. Our recipes and snacks range from flavoursome fish fingers to delicious veggie-based dips which promise to soothe the gurgling of little tummies and provide lots of nutrients. There’s no need for fancy catering or hours of painful supermarket scouring; simply plonk Birds Eye treats on a plate and watch the kids go crazy! photo by parenting blogger @fivelittledoves


Fish-based snacks for children’s parties

Fish Tacos 

Birds Eye fish tacos are a fun, hassle-free snack for birthday parties. Using soft shell tacos and our signature battered cod fillets, add a spoonful of yoghurt, a splash of salsa, a squirt of lime juice and watch the kids go wild for those sea-nsational flavours! 

Posh Fish Finger Wraps

A more modern take on the classic fish finger sandwich, these “posh” fish finger wraps will really get your kids’ taste-buds tingling. This easy-peasy handheld snack is perfect for little fingers which are too impatient to use knives and forks. Serve with salad or potato wedges and ta-dah, no more stomach rumbling. 


 Delightful dip ideas for kids’ party food

Green Pea Hummus Dip  

Sure, kids sometimes greet veggies with a “yuck” or “eww” but just wait until they try this sensational green pea hummus dip. Loaded with garlic and spices, this flavoursome dip is a peas of cake to make. Team it with crisps, salad sticks or pitta bread and you’ve got a kids’ party recipe that’s both healthy and scrumptious.

Mini Waffle Dipping Stack

Iconic to the Birds Eye brand, these golden squares of potatoey goodness have always been a birthday crowd pleaser. Get your kids to stack them, share them and pair them with whichever dip tickles their fancy - a mild salsa, tasty sour cream or the undisputed favourite: ketchup. 


A snack platter to rival all others

Chargrilled Chicken & Salad Platter 
This sizeable platter features Birds Eye’s famously succulent chargrilled peri peri chicken breasts and a salad feast fit for little kings and queens. Nutritious and filling, this mouth-watering kids’ party food idea will leave your little guests spoilt for choice and clucking for more. 

So, you’ve released all the tasty kids’ party food recipes from the Birds Eye piñata… now what? Sit back and relax - our hearty and nutritious recipes will ensure your child’s next party is one to remember! 

Image taken by blogger @LECOINDEMEL