Battered & Breaded Fish

Just 100% wild-caught fillet,  with a crispy, tasty  coating. Perfect for enjoying together.

Whether you’re after a quick fix on a weeknight, cooking lunch for friends or looking for a quick and easy canapé to serve at a party, Birds Eye’s range of breaded fish, battered fish and coated fish have got you covered.  We use only the simplest ingredients – only the succulent, natural goodness of 100% wild-caught fish makes it into our fish fillets, and as it’s frozen straight away our fish retains all of its nutrients for you to benefit from. In short: it’s Real Food, Simply Made.

Battered and breaded fish is a family favourite for good reason. Whether it’s coated with delicious crispy batter or seasoned breadcrumbs, our tender, wild-caught fish-fillet is still that familiar flavour you love. Our fish fillet burgers and crispy fish bits are perfect for serving at a BBQ or when entertaining friends, being incredibly easy to serve however you like. If you fancy something with a touch of class, our Inspirations range comes in a variety of delicious coatings too.

We’ve got gluten free fish fillets in breadcrumbs, too, meaning no one has to miss out. Whether it’s cod, haddock, basa or Pollock, our range of coated fish is second to none. 


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