Spicy Food Recipes For
That Extra Kick of Heat



Spice is a great condiment to liven up some of your classic go-to dishes. Not only does spice help enhance your meals but it also gives you that feel-good, warming sensation too. We’ve gathered up some of your favourite spicy meal ideas for you to create at home, so whether you’re entertaining guests or having a cosy dinner for two, we’re sure that these dishes will be a roaring success. 

Spicy Curry Recipes

What dish do you think of when someone says “spicy”? We bet you that it’s most probably a good, old-fashioned, hot curry. Curries make for a great meal and they are also particularly warming on those cold, winter nights. 


Chicken Katsu

Chicken katsu is an absolute staple when it comes to curries, as it’s warming, hearty and extremely comforting; it’s also a meal that the whole family can enjoy. You can use our Crispy Chicken in Tempura Batter to cut the meal prep time too! 

Seared Cod with Peas and Prawn Curry

Why not mix up your curry rota and try out this tasty fish and seafood curry with peas? Not only is it a great way to incorporate fish into your diet, but it also tastes delicious too.


Crispy Chicken Madras Curry with Rice

This fragrant, hearty curry is a great option for a cold night in; it’s simple to make (especially with our pre-prepped chicken and golden vegetable rice), and it’s also packed full of exciting flavours. You can always vary the amount of chilli powder for those who are less brave with spice!


Spicy Vegetarian Recipes

Spicy meals are not limited to meat-eaters only! Spice is actually a great way to liven up some classic vegetarian dishes by giving them that extra kick of heat. Below you’ll find some of our go-to dishes for when those vegetable-heavy meals may need some literal “spicing up”.


Spicy Pea and Spinach Baked Bhaji


Fancy a veggie dish that’s packed with delicious spices? Yes peas! Bhaji makes for a great main or even side dish to accompany a curry. Though however you may choose to serve your bhaji, we can guarantee that it will be a definite crowd-pleaser.

Vegetable Chilli


This vegetable chilli is so good, we bet even meat-eaters will be swooning over it! It’s a great dish to make for the whole family to enjoy, and it even makes up 4 of your much needed 5-a-day.


Pea Dal and Coconut Chutney


This mouth-watering classic just got even better with the addition of succulent peas and coconutty flavours. The coconut chutney helps balance out the spice, while the pea variation of this classic makes this meal even more satisfying and nourishing.

Spicy Chicken Recipes

Chicken is a classic base to most dishes, but if you’re looking to mix up your family chicken dinners or even lunches, then look no further than our favourite spicy chicken recipes. For those non-meat eaters who don’t want to miss out on all the fun, we also have our Green Cuisine Chicken-Free Chicken Nuggets to swap into the ideas below.


Hot and Spicy Chicken Grill Fajita


Hot, spicy and satisfying; we can assure you that these chicken fajitas will make for a guaranteed family favourite. Why not enjoy making them by getting the whole family involved in the assembling process?


Peri Peri Grills with Spicy Rice and Vegetable Kebabs

Peri peri may just be the nation’s favourite sauce, with everyone having their own, unique way of styling it on food. Peri peri also seems to make everything just taste that little bit more scrumptious, and these tender Chicken Chargrills are by no means an exception to that rule.

Hot and Spicy Chicken Grills with Lemon and Coriander Rice

Our Hot and Spicy Crispy Chicken explodes with flavour and bold spices while the aromatic lemon and coriander rice helps to balance out some of the heat. The addition of the light, fluffy rice also makes this dish a great option for a summer lunch, enjoyed with friends out in the sun. 

Now that we’ve covered all things spicy, why not check out our high protein meal and snack ideas for some protein-packed inspiration or our quick and easy dinner ideas for when you want to whip up something tasty, but without having to spend hours preparing in the kitchen.