How Much Veg Should We Be Eating?

Vegetables are vital to a balanced diet, and we should be eating as much variety of these nutritional goodies as we can. Count on Birds Eye to help you achieve this, with our vegetables range.


In Europe, all countries recommend consuming vegetables. This is because vegetables are bursting with nutrition, and have varied and numerous health benefits. Ideally, we should all aim to eat at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables daily, most of which should be vegetables.  It’s simple to boost your intake- why not try adding a handful of frozen vegetables to each portion of your favourite soup, stew or pasta sauce?

Our UK recommendations

Here in the UK, it’s recommended that we consume at least 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day. Birds Eye is here to help, by providing tasty and convenient vegetable products. Why not try our peas, fieldfresh or steamfresh veg? All of these are delicious and count towards your daily portions of vegetables- and remember, frozen vegetables are just as good nutritionally as fresh! Why not try combining your favourite frozen vegetables in each meal, for a colourful vitamin and mineral boost.

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The global and European recommendations

The World Health Organisation has made a general recommendation for the global population to consume at least 400g of vegetables and fruits daily, and EFSA (the European Food Safety Agency) has mirrored this recommendation for the European adult population- expressing it as 5 portions per day (5 a day). Remember, your 5-a-day is the minimum you should be consuming- as vegetables are so good for you, try to base your meals around them, and it’s best to aim to eat a wide variety on a daily and weekly basis.