Easy and Healthy Soup Recipes from Birds Eye

Easy and Healthy Soup Recipes from Birds Eye

We all know how important healthy eating is to keep the body and mind at its best. Let Birds Eye help you get on board, and see vegetables in a new light with our tasty, easy to make soup recipes – full of ingredients vital to a balanced diet.

Aiming for 5 portions of fruit and veg a day can sometimes be a little tricky, so we’ve got you covered with souperb recipes bursting with  vitamins and minerals. We’ve put together a variety of ideas using colourful frozen vegetables that can make life easy if you’re always on the go, or to create a healthy and warming sit-down meal for family and friends.

Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

Nothing can warm you up like homemade soup, especially served on a cold night to beat that winter chill. You can’t go wrong with this Chinese classic, complemented perfectly by a crusty roll. Add noodles, frozen peas and chicken along with aromatic spices to create the ultimate staple dish.

Miso Soup

If you’re craving something a little different at home, try this soup recipe – you might find you want it on the menu all week! Choose tofu, which is an excellent source of protein, as an alternative to meat. Tasty ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms, spring onions and sesame seed oil in this dish make it difficult to resist.


Simple Green Pea Soup 

There’s no better way to enjoy Birds Eye frozen peas than with chopped onions and a dash of cream to create the tastiest soup. Make this dish at a dinner party as a starter and you will surely impress your guests…but sshh, we’ll keep it secret how quick and easy this meal is to make.

Pea and Ham Soup

You’ll be souper excited to know that this dish is as nutritious as it is mouth-watering. This soup recipe contains protein-ful peas and ham- remember,our peas are frozen within only two and half hours of being freshly picked, meaning their vital nutrients are locked in.

Pea and Mint Soup

Treat yourself and save valuable time with this vibrant dish, which can be cooked in a big batch and taken to work the next day. We’ve included tarragon leaves to add flavour and the ever-popular camembert to indulgently kick things up a gear.

Minestrone Soup

We’ve spruced up the classic minestrone with spring flavours of pea and asparagus to create this sophisticated recipe, perfect as a dinner party starter. Add Parmesan only to the bowls as you serve up, so that leftovers keep better in the fridge.

Vegetable Soup

 Cook up a bowl of vegetable soup that’ll fill you up with little fat. We recommend adding finely chopped garlic, brown rice and a sprig of fresh thyme to tickle your taste buds. Sounds so good you can almost taste it? We’d have to agree with you there!

Clear Pea and Vegetable Soup with Brown Rice
Whether you serve them a starter, lunch, or as a main meal accompanied with some crusty bread, our soups are sure to spark inspiration at home. Say goodbye to wasting any uneaten veg by choosing from our range of flavoursome, nutritious soups - meal times will never be boring again!