Mouth-Watering Vegan Meal Ideas for a Night In

Choosing what to eat for dinner sounds easy enough, but often ends up being a polarising question amongst the family. Why not take some of the hassle out of the decision making and go for a plant-based meal for your next night in?

Going plant-based doesn’t necessarily have to narrow down your options (it’s not all about leaves and broccoli!). We’re here to tell you that there’s a way to eat healthier versions of some of your favourite dinners, without sacrificing flavour. We’ve got plenty of meat-free substitutes that are both rich in protein and a great source of fibre, helping to maintain a healthy balanced diet.

So, whether you’re plant-based by choice or just trying to cut down on your meat consumption, keep reading to discover some yummy plant-based recipes.


Swap chicken for a vegan alternative

1. Vegan chicken nuggets

Vegan chicken nuggets are an easy, tasty treat that both kids and grown-ups can enjoy. Whether part of a birthday party garden spread or a weekday family dinner, nuggets have become a staple for many households. And you know what, plant-based nuggets are just as delicious! These are a great high protein meat alternative that the whole family can enjoy as part of a balanced diet. Serve in a wrap as a fajita, or just as they come!


2. Vegan chicken dippers

Chicken-free dippers are a quick and easy addition to any kids’ meal and a popular choice for the whole family. Even the fussiest eaters will love the taste of this healthy meat replacement. Serve with potato waffles and peas for a crowd-pleasing, well-balanced meal.



Try a tasty red meat alternative


1. Meat-free Cumberland sausages

Our meat free Cumberland sausages are the perfect addition to any meal. Packed full of peak goodness, they're a great source of plant-based protein. Try these in a traditional English breakfast or make a cracking bangers and mash, for a delicious plant-based meal. Either way these are sure to be a family favourite!


2. Plant-based burgers

If you’re fancying an evening barbeque without the meat overload, then a meat-free burger is the way to go. You can serve them in a bun with some vegan cheese or if you’d like a spicy version, then just add peppers and red chilli hummus. This beef alternative is sure to be a big hit on a weekend night-in.


DJ BBQ Green Cuisine Portobello burger


3. Vegan meatballs

Spaghetti and meatballs is a fail-proof dinner that everyone will love. However, if you fancy changing things up, you can swap out the meat version for vegan meatballs. Try out this vegan meat substitute and serve with your favourite tomato based pasta sauce and vegan cheese for a plant-based version of Spag Bol.



4. Falafel

If you like the sound of meatless meatballs, then you’ll love their cousin; the falafel. These little chickpea balls of goodness are bursting with flavour and can be enjoyed hot or cold. Enjoy as part of a Mediterranean style wrap or try on top of a pea salad with tahini dressing for a super fresh evening plant-based meal.


Discover our other delicious vegan alternatives

1. Fishless fish fingers

Nothing beats a classic fish finger sandwich. Why not try a plant-based alternative with our fishless fish fingers? They are just as tasty and better for the environment. Made from rice flakes and covered in golden breadcrumbs for a beautiful crunch, our fishless fish fingers are full of plant-based omega 3 goodness, making them an absolute delight.


2. Vegan sausage rolls

Amazingly, you can find a vegan alternative to a party food staple: the sausage roll! Opt for a meat-free roll without sacrificing the protein needed to aid your body’s growth, development and repair. You can serve these with baked beans and peas for dinner or simply eat as a snack with a dollop of tomato sauce.


Now that you have all the plant-based food inspiration you could possibly need, be sure to check out Birds Eye’s Green Cuisine range - perfect if you want to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle or try a plant-based, vegetarian or even flexitarian diet! Visit our Green Cuisine recipes page for more inspiration.