7 Plant-Based Halloween Food Ideas

Feeling spooky? Whether you’re planning a family night in or a big bash, we want to make sure you’ve got your Halloween menu sorted. This is where Birds Eye comes in, but with a twist! We’ve come up with some plant-based Halloween party food ideas, perfect for sharing with family and friends. From witches brew to monster fingers, our Halloween food recipes are sure to leave you feeling full and fearless. BOO!

Meat-Free Halloween Meals for Fright Night

All of our meat-free Halloween food ideas contain options from our Green Cuisine range. So if you’re a fan of our spooky suggestions, definitely take a look at the full range!

Witches brew: Vegan Sausage Casserole

Luckily this one wasn’t made by the three witches from Macbeth! This hearty, warming vegan sausage casserole has a very autumnal feel, so it’s the perfect Halloween party food idea! Made with our meat-free sausages, this casserole tastes great with a large helping of your favourite vegetables! We reckon carrots, parsnips, swede and onion are the best ones – but feel free to add a mushroom or peppers too!

Eyeball Pasta with Meatballs

For a super tasty plant-based Halloween meal, you’ve got to try eerie eyeball vegan meatball pasta. For a twist on our recipe for spaghetti and meat-free meatballs, just hollow out some cherry tomatoes, add a scoop of mozzarella, pop a pea in the centre and voila! Mealtimes just got a bit spookier.


Chicken-Free Halloween Party Food Ideas

If you’re on the lookout for some plant-based Halloween food ideas for kids, then look no further. We have the best chicken-free options, perfect for dipping in and out of at your scary celebrations. For more snacky/finger food vegan options, then definitely check out our vegan picnic ideas.


Monster finger chicken-free strips

For a Halloween party scene stealer, it’s got to be our chicken-free southern fried strips. These are the perfect Halloween finger food that the kids will love. Get creative with some tomato sauce and you’ve got some spooky, yet delicious monster fingers.

Smoky and mysterious fajitas

For tingly taste buds, it’s got to be our mysteriously smoky and spicy chicken-free fajitas. Created using our chicken-free nuggets, these fajitas are a great Halloween dinner idea you can make together as a family. Don’t be afraid to add lots of smoky paprika, but be warned, you might start breathing fire!


Veggie-Focused Halloween Meals

If you want veggies front and centre on your Halloween menu, then these Halloween veggie recipes are your go-to. We all know that vegetables are important for our diet, so why not cook them in a fun and spooky way?


Creepy chilli

For super healthy and flavourful vegetarian Halloween food, you have to try our vegetable chilli recipe. Packed with the bold flavours of chilli powder, cumin and thyme, serve this delicious chilli inside a pumpkin for a Halloween party winner!


Alien-green pea risotto

Get ready to take your taste buds to another world and try our alien-green mushroom and pea risotto. Made using our classic garden peas, this risotto is full of veggie goodness. Serve in a green dish and you’ve got a Halloween meal that’s out of this world!


There you have it! Seven easy, spooky and scrumptious plant-based Halloween food ideas for kids and parents too! For more plant-based inspiration, take a look at our plant-based food swap ideas, turning classic family meals into vegan heaven! Also, if you’re looking ahead to the winter, have a look at our winter warmers and other seasonal recipes.