Warming and Comforting Foods to Brighten Your Day

What is a comfort food?

In a nutshell, these are usually dishes that hold sentimental value, are simple to prepare, and create a feeling of nostalgia. When you’re in need of some TLC, that’s where warm and comforting foods come to save the day!

So, whether you’re craving fish and chips or something completely different, take a seat as we transport you back to your childhood with some of our favourite comfort food recipes!

The best comfort foods

Looking for tasty and comforting meals to put a smile on your face? Here are a few recipes to get you on your way:

1. Spaghetti Bolognese

A hearty portion of spag bol has the power to lift your spirits, no matter the season. That’s what makes it comforting food! This ultimate pasta dish is a total classic and easy to put together. Just imagine juicy minced beef swirled in a rich tomato sauce, served over cooked spaghetti. Are you hungry yet? Finish this heart-warming dish off, with a slice of garlic bread and crisp salad for crunch!

2. Fish finger and leek pie

Warm your soul with a creamy fish pie for supper! The fish pie, also known as a fisherman's pie, is a traditional British dish and one of the best comfort foods around, if we do say so ourselves! Our fish pie recipe brings together cod, fluffy potatoes, leeks, and a golden cheese crumb to top it all off. It’s best served straight from the oven with a side of fresh green salad for a tasty supper.

3. Fish and chips

Take a trip down memory lane with battered fish and chips! A tasty and nostalgic dish to re-live your childhood memories by the sea! Dish up battered fish with a side of chips, mushy peas, and tangy tartar sauce. You’ll be singing “Oh, we do love to be beside the seaside!” in no time!

4. Juicy burger and chips

What’s more satisfying than a juicy beef burger? Try this quick and easy meal, both kids and adults can enjoy. Simply plate a brioche bun with cheese, beef patty, onion, lettuce and garlic aioli, for a comforting midweek meal. If you’re not a fan of beef, check out these alternative burger recipes for more inspiration!

5. Mushroom and pea risotto

A hearty Italian dish with a Birds Eye twist. It is filling, wholesome and will soon become a family favourite! Pair Arborio rice with vegetable stock, mushroom, peas, and a few garlic cloves, for a warm hug after a long day. If you’re feeling a bit fancy, shave parmesan cheese over top and see all your problems melt away with each bite!


Vegetarian and vegan comfort food

There is sometimes a misconception that vegetarian and vegan food isn’t very exciting. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! Try these full flavoured and mouth-watering veggie or vegan comfort food recipes on a cold winter’s day.

1. Vegetarian casserole 

A heart-warming vegetarian casserole is comfort food at its best. It’s a great dish to serve up on those busier nights, sure to please even the pickiest eaters, without any meat in sight. Combine root vegetables, chopped vegetarian sausages all cooked with fresh sage, in a delicious gravy. Pour into large bowls and watch the whole family gather around the table! Dinner accomplished!

2. Vegetarian bangers and mash

This has got to be the MVP of comfort food recipes! It’s a British classic but we’ve made it vegetarian friendly. How amazing is that! Serve meat-free sausages with creamy mash, sautéed apples and onions. Add a generous serving of luscious vegetable gravy and sweet peas to round off this lip-smacking meal. Perfection on a plate!

3. Vegan burger with mustard mayo

When you’re in need of some comforting food, a burger is a real treat. That’s why you need to try our delightful vegan burger recipe. Assemble meat free burgers in a soft bun with mustard, gherkins, tomatoes, and any toppings of your choice. For a hearty meal, serve alongside chips and salad and dig in! This vegan comfort food is delicious, full of fibre-fuelled goodness and will have hearts jumping for joy.

Healthy comfort foods recipes

Here at Bird’s Eye we wanted to find a way to make all your favourite comfort food recipes healthier. So you can have all the comfort, with added nutritional benefits and zero guilt.


1. Chicken pesto pasta

Looking for a comforting food that’s quick and easy to prepare? Give this classic combo a go! Serve pesto-coated fusilli pasta alongside vine-roasted tomatoes and chargrilled chicken. Simple food made delicious that hits the spot every time. Pasta night just got ten times better!

2. Chicken noodle soup

Having a bad day? A classic chicken noodle soup could turn things around. What’s not to love? It’s easy to make, tastes amazing and feels like a warm hug in a bowl! Pair shredded roast chicken with savoury broth, peas, red chillies, and a dash of spring onions. Serve in a large bowl with coriander, and a slice of sour dough bread. All that’s left to do is to get under a cosy blanket and tuck in!

Now, that you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, take a look at our food inspiration hub to shake up your mealtimes. Whether you are a busy working family or a single student we have something to fit everyone’s needs.