Quick and Easy Half Term Recipe Ideas

Half term and school holidays can be tough for parents – keeping the kids entertained, keeping up with housework and having to provide several meals a day with the absence of school dinners. The last thing you need is lunches and dinners that require a load of preparation and elaborate ingredients. So, Birds Eye are here to enlighten your breakfasts, lunches and dinner with our range of frozen fish, meat, potatoes and vegetables, making cooking for the family easier, tastier and more nutritious.

8 Half Term Hero recipes


Boiled Egg with Waffle Soldiers

Eggs and soldiers are a cracking way to start the day for the whole family, and our Potato Waffles will take your soldiers to the next level! Eggstremely easy and deliciously tasty, these potato soldiers are a fun and tasty alternative to the standard toast accompaniment. This classic dish doesn’t need anything adding apart from maybe a dusting of salt and pepper.

Classic Breakfast Pancakes

Our Breakfast Pancakes take breakfast up a level. These are perfect for a breakfast treat that the kids will love, especially on a lazy morning which you wouldn’t usually have time for during the week. They're delicious with fruit (like blueberries, strawberries or bananas), honey, maple syrup, jams, chocolate spreads... The possibilities are endless! 




 Fish Fingers & Spinach Scrambled Egg in a Toasted Sandwich

A fish finger sandwich with a cosmopolitan edge, this delicious and nutritious dish can be a big breakfast, lazy brunch or lunch. You can top your scrambled eggs with ketchup for a classic, unfussy choice or add salt and pepper, fresh chives and a drizzle of chilli sauce for something with a bit more of a kick to it.
Fajitas are a classic, well-loved family dish that both kids and parents can get involved with, and can be a fun lunch or dinner. This Birds Eye version uses chicken dippers for a quick and tasty chicken alternative that even the fussiest of kids will love. Simply lay out your favourite salad toppings on the table (we suggest avocado, lettuce, tomato and red onion) and let your kids chop and choose between whatever they want, showing that healthy eating doesn’t always have to be boring. Bonus: if you’re cooking for little ones, this will hopefully keep them entertained for a while!

This is one of those quick, thrown together dishes for the family that require little work but are incredibly tasty and satisfying. Our Inspirations range gives your family dinners something a little more special, our Frozen Garden Peas are deliciously sweet and nutritious, and our Steamfresh Fragrant Golden Vegetable Rice just makes everything that bit easier, as well as being fragrantly infused with our Steamfresh vegetables. Healthy, tasty and quick!

Pasta Bake with Garden Peas

Pasta bake is the ultimate comfort food: easy, hot, filling and tasty. Plus, when you make a big batch, you can save time cooking the next day by heating it up for lunch or dinner! Topped with a melted combination of cheddar, mozzarella and brown bread crumbs, this is a deliciously warming dish perfect for autumn and winter. Plus, our Frozen Garden Peas add an extra touch of greenery and nutrients!

This chicken katsu curry is an authentic tasting dinner treat. Full of vegetables and nutrients and coated in a rich, sweet, delectable sauce, this is a lunch or dinner that will ensure clean plates from the whole family. Plus, our 100% chicken breast Crispy Chicken makes the whole process easier as well as ensuring this dish is packed with protein.


We hope we’ve given you lots of breakfast, lunch and dinner inspiration for when you’re looking after the kids this holiday season. Our selection of frozen meat, fish and vegetables give you all the nutrients, flavor and simplicity you could want when cooking for a family, which is at the heart of the Birds Eye mantra. Whether you’re wanting to cook something special that you don’t usually have time for, get kids involved to entertain them or you just fancy a really tasty meal, we’ve got you covered with Birds Eye: Real Food, Simply Made.