Homemade BBQ Ideas That Will Earn You Major Host Points

Homemade BBQ Ideas That Will Earn You Major Host Points


Hosting a BBQ soon? Looking for some mouth-watering dishes that will impress and make everyone ask for seconds? We have some delicious yet simple recipes that you can master, and everyone can enjoy.

We know that catering to different dietary requirements can be very stressful. A recent survey we conducted uncovered that one in five BBQ hosts would be stressed knowing that they have to serve vegan or vegetarian food, and four in ten meat-eaters wouldn’t really know what to serve. This is why one in five guests with special dietary requirements prefer to bring their own food to a barbecue rather than make any demands.

A perfect host will find this unacceptable, so we’ve put together a list of recommendations that includes a bit of everything for everyone.

BBQ Burger Recipes

You can’t have a barbecue without grilling a few patties.  So here are a few of our go-to barbecue burger ideas including a couple of classic combos, as well as a vegan option for those who prefer to eat meat-free.

Here’s a tip for perfecting your grilling: do not press down on the patties once they’re on the grill because it will make the fat drip down. Instead, flip them regularly to cook evenly.

BBQ Cheeseburger

We’ve put a spin on the classic cheeseburger by swapping cheddar with creamy mozzarella. Add the cheese on top of the patty one minute before the meat is done to avoid an oozing accident.

BBQ Beef Burger 

This classic combo of bacon, patty and gherkins will definitely be the highlight of the BBQ. We recommend prepping the onions before the guests arrive so they can assemble their own burgers.

Burger with Beetroot, Bacon and Cheese 

Changing gears to something a bit more exotic. This recipe is Aussie inspired because we have included a staple burger ingredient from the land down under: cooked beetroot. You also need bacon and slices of cheese – cheddar should do this time.

Vegan Burger with Mustard Mayo 

Looking for a meat-free alternative but don’t want to compromise on deliciousness? Try this recipe using Birds Eye Green Cuisine Meat-Free Burgers that will have all the guests asking for a taste.

BBQ Chicken Ideas

Chicken is another barbecue staple, so here are a couple of ideas that you can quickly whip together for guests who do not want to eat red meat or for the little ones. All you need to do in advance is stock your freezer with some delicious Birds Eye Frozen Chargrilled Chicken.

Grilled BBQ Chicken with Corn and Coleslaw

You can’t have a BBQ without corn on the cob, so pop some on the grill whilst the chicken is cooking in the oven. Once both are done, serve with a good spoonful of coleslaw.

Grilled BBQ Chicken

This chicken sandwich will have a summery feel thanks to the mix of colours and flavours of the veggies. If you are pressed for time you can use store-bought pesto – the star of the show here are the Sweet & Sticky BBQ Chicken Chargrills.

BBQ sides

 You can’t have too many sides at a barbecue. Make sure you have larger quantities because everyone will keep dipping in and out of the sides section – you can’t risk running out of coleslaw or sauce.


Our coleslaw recipe comes with a lighter twist. We’ve figured that since mayo will be heavily used for other BBQ dishes, it’s best to swap it with low fat yoghurt to make the coleslaw – a much lighter, guilt-free option.

Homemade BBQ Sauce

Have you ever tried making your own BBQ sauce? It’s easier than you think and once you do it you won’t return to store-bought again. You will also earn extra points for “BBQ host of the year” with this!

Summer Super Pea Salad

The typical roster of BBQ sides has to include a potato salad, but why not turn the side into a main event by adding warm mackerel fillets and some nutritious peas? It will be a great alternative for guests looking for something perhaps a bit lighter in calories.

Rainbow Salad Recipe

A blend of all kinds of superfoods like quinoa, kale, this salad is easy to make in a big, big batch. It will go nicely with all types of grilled meats!

Check out more vegan BBQ dishes created by DJ BBQ, a grilling and fire enthusiast, using our delicious meat-free range Green Cuisine.