Side Dishes for Fish

Fish is a great go-to meal for a quick and healthy dinner and it really can go with anything. But a balanced fish meal should have a sumptuous sauce and a delicious side to complement it to perfection. These don’t have to be complicated: you can make a quick portion of veg or a salad for a lighter option, or add some starchy goodness with potato dishes, rice or pasta.

However, even the best cooks can sometimes run out of ideas about what to add next to a delicious fillet of fish. So, here are a few easy side dish recipes to add to your repertoire for any occasion. 

Easy peasy vegetable side dishes for fish

Minted garden peas

This super easy recipe can be a refreshing side dish for a fish meal on a hot day. It can go with any type of fish and you can use any leftovers for a delicious bruschetta.

Peas and rice

If you are looking for something a bit more filling and quick to make, this all-time favourite works a treat! Add a bit of parmesan to it for extra yummy-ness.

Pea and potato mash

Kids refusing to eat their greens? Add some peas into potato mash and you have a very tasty side for fish. If you are pressed for time, make a bigger batch, cook up some frozen fish from your freezer and voilà, lunch and dinner sorted!

DIY fish sides

Homemade chips

When it comes to side dishes for fish, especially breaded or battered fish, nothing can really match the mighty potato. By cooking your chips from scratch, you know exactly what goes in them, and you can either bake them for a healthier option or triple cook for an indulgent treat. Try our different suggestions to avoid being stuck in a chippy rut.

Homemade mushy peas

Fish and chips is not the same without a side of mushy peas. Comforting and simple, this British classic packs in extra protein and a healthy dose of vitamin C. Time hack hint: you can always prepare the peas whilst your fish and chips are cooking.

Tried and tested pairings from Birds Eye

Breaded cod with baked potato and healthy coleslaw

Combine two all-time favourites with this delicious and filling dinner idea. Use yogurt for a healthier coleslaw or swap it for the classic mayo for a cheeky treat.


For even more tried and tested recipe ideas on what to eat with breaded and battered fish, please see here.

Of course, we understand that sometimes you might not have the time or even the energy to whip up some of these side dishes. This is when our SteamFresh Vegetables range comes to the rescue, with nutritious options that you can have ready in minutes.

If you want more cooking inspiration, browse our fish recipes and you can find delicious, healthy options for lunch and dinner.