How to Cook Cod Fillets to Perfection: Our Easy Method Of Cooking Cod

When one of Britain’s most tasty traditions is cod fish and chips, why not enjoy only the bestReach for our delectable fillets including delicious battered cod. After all, cod is a lean fish that is loaded with essential nutrients, from protein and vitamin B12 to selenium and iodine. With all the nutrients this fin-tastic fish has to offer, it is no surprise that we’ve created a delicious range of cod fillets and chargrillspacked full of herbs and spices to pack a punch into your evening dinner. Cooking cod could not be easier! Whether you prefer the oven, grill or microwave, our juicy cod range is perfect for when you want to get a little creative in the kitchen. Check out our following guide for the best way to cook cod.

What is cod fish?

Cod is a mild and flaky white fish that's usually prepared by frying, grilling, steaming, baking, and broiling, and is popular all around the worldIt is most used in the iconic British food, knowas (you guessed it!) fish and chips! We do love a good fish and chips, with mushy peas and tartar sauce here at Birds Eye.


What does cod taste like?

Unlike other fish species, cod is known for its mild, almost milky flavourwith Atlantic codon the sweeter side and Pacific codon the more savoury side. You can find out more about where youfish comes from, with our handy Captain’s Fish Finder so you can eat with peace of mind.


Is cod good for you?

This is a very interesting question and something we can answer. Cod is a great source of protein and a 100g serving contains around 19.5g of protein. Additionally, cod is an excellent source of nutrients, important vitamins and minerals, making it a mealtime staple. This includes the following:

Vitamin D – keeps bones, muscles, and teeth healthy

Potassium – helps to control the balance of fluids in the body and helps heart muscles work properly 

Omega 3 – an essential polyunsaturated acid found in animals and plants and an example of a good fat

These are just a few reasons to include fish in your diet, but for full breakdown, we’ve got the perfect read for you on the benefits of eating fish.

 How to cook cod fillets in the oven:

Important: Always follow instructions on pack Follow Instruction on pack

To prepare oven baked cod straight from the freezer, pre-heat the oven to 220°C, Fan 200°C, Gas Mark 7

Remove the frozen cod from its packet and place in a foil tray

Add a little butter over the fillet until the surface is covered and pop the dish in the oven

Cook for around 20 minutes

You’re then ready to serve!

Why not make your dinnertime meal preparation even easier with our mouth-watering Birds Eye Lemon and Cracked Black Pepper Cod FilletsOur tasty cod fillets are made with only the freshest ingredients to give you and your family a hearty, healthy dish made with love.


Frozen cod recipes

Looking for some more inspiration? We have plenty of recipe ideas to help spark your imagination and create some truly delicious dishes. For a mid-week meal that will knock your socks off, look no further than our creamy cod carbonara or Mediterranean cod with grilled veggies

Why not head to our fish recipes for plenty of ideas when it comes to cooking quick, tasty, and nutritious dishes?Here are some more frozen cod recipes to get your food juices flowing:

• Breaded cod with colourful salad

• Fish finger lasagne

• Fish finger tacos

• Fish finger pizza

• Tomato and basil fish chargrill with golden rice

• Chunky fish finger korma naanwich

Now that you’re a pro at cooking cod and have a bank of fish-spiration, take a sneak peek at our delicious dinner recipes to delight your family with, or maybe feast your eyes upon our moreish food inspiration ideas. Bon Appetit!