Fish and Seafood Starter Recipes

Here at Birds Eye, we care about great food made simple. However, day-to-day it can be tough to re-vamp your standard dinner dishes whilst still keeping things quick and tasty! So, whether you’re looking for a new Friday night fish supper entrée or you fancy a lighter seafood starter, Birds Eye have put together some delicious fish recipes to put the life and ‘sole’ back into your dinner ideas. In fact, you’ll soon find that ‘any fin’ is possible when you put these seafood starters to the test! To see even more appetising openers, check out some other starter recipes.

Light Seafood Starters


Seared Salmon

If you fancy a lighter dinner dish, this seared salmon starter will be sure to do the trick. Take a dip into the dreamy chive sauce and season with salt and pepper to make this meal the catch of the day!

Crispy Prawns with Sweet Chilli Pea Purée

To keep things sweet and spicy, why not snap up this crispy prawn dish for a subtle mid-week kick? By blending the peas and sweet chilli sauce, this seafood starter packs a punch whilst keeping your dinner feeling light and fresh. Arrange the prawn and purée platter on a large plate to share with friends and family.

Warm Mackerel and Pea Salad

Get fancy with this mouth-watering mackerel and pea salad for a protein-powered fish starter. Mackerel is not only a rich source of omega-3 and selenium, but along with the peas and sliced boiled eggs this delightfully guilt free dish is any health lovers’ dream! Try adding finely chopped parsley, tomatoes and endive lettuce to garnish.

Easy Fish Family Favourites

Fish Finger Wraps

We all like to switch up an old favourite and with Birds Eye’s fish starter recipes there is no exception.  Get hooked on the newest rendition of the humble fish finger sandwich – Birds Eye’s fish finger wraps. In fact, why not make this dish a family affair by getting creative with the fillings? Spread the wrap with juicy tomato salsa and tangy sour cream along with some crunchy lettuce and a squeeze of lemon to complete this masterful modern classic.

Tuna Melt Waffletopper

Reel in the entire family with this tasty bait – tuna melt waffletoppers! This is one of the simplest and quickest starters for a hungry household that is sure to please both adults and kids alike. Mix the tuna and crème fraiche with some grated cheddar cheese to give this entrée a tantalising twist.

Fish Tacos

Think outside the fish bowl with these soft shell tacos packed with rocket, salsa and Birds Eye’s heavenly cod fish fillets. With a dash of zesty lime juice and low fat yogurt, these fish tacos are sure to transform this Mexican staple into a starter dish fit for any family feast.

We hope that with these fish and seafood recipe ideas you’ll have your starters sorted from lighter bites to firm family favourites. With the help of Birds Eye, there is no need to stress as you’re sure to cook up a success! If these starters have left your mouth watering, check out more fish recipes for some main course inspiration here.