Frozen Burgers & Steaks: Mouth-watering & exquisitely quick to cook

Burgers sizzling on the grill, releasing lip-smacking juices; buns warming up in the oven, on their way to the perfect crunchiness; and cheese slices ready to top your meat. Ahhh! You’re not dreaming with Birds Eye, you can have the perfect frozen burgers and more. Is that your stomach grumbling? Then say no more! Let us tempt you with our delicious range of frozen beef burgers and frozen beef and lamb steaks. Will you go for the quarter pounders with onion or are you more of a minted lamb steak lover? Both options will be ready in less than 15 minutes. You can even cook them on the barbecue for the perfect summer party food! And in case any of your guests are vegetarians, our meat-free burgers are assured to blow their minds. Top your meat with some crispy potato wafflesor go for a healthier side with our range of crunchy vegetables. Who needs fast-food meat when you’ve got Birds Eye’s frozen burgers? Alternatively, enjoy a slap-up steak meal from the comfort of your own home. Start cooking red meat from frozen and you’ll never be without a dinner!