Peri Peri Chicken Recipes with Birds Eye

We all suffer from a mundane moment or two during the week and that can sometimes slip into our cooking, but here at Birds Eye, we have a way for you to quash that indifference with some mealtime magic – spice up your life with our sizzling peri peri chicken! Have no fear if you are wary of hitting the heights on the heat thermometer though – our original glaze is more of a mild affair with a subtle kick added by extracts of paprika and cayenne to satisfy any spice aficionados. 

Our fillets are made with 100% chicken breast, and sourced from only the finest Birds Eye trusted farmers. It’s a succulent, lower fat meat which is a sponge for striking sauces like our peri peri glaze, which is sure to make it a firm favourite at your dinner table. But how do you dish up this Portuguese-inspired plateful of pure joy? Well, we have a few suggestions for how you can cook up a taste of western Iberia in your very own kitchen…

Easy peri peri chicken recipes

Peri peri chicken wraps

You may love going to your local chicken joint for a swiftly prepared wrap, but it just so happens that Birds Eye can offer you an alternative that takes a mere ten minutes to put together. And what makes it better is that you are in the driving seat as to what you combine with our chargrilled peri peri chicken! We recommend a mix of peppers, coriander and low fat yoghurt, but feel free to chuck in all your favourite veg and sauces to put your own unique twist on this rapid recipe.

Peri peri chicken grills pitta

But what if you prefer a pitta? Have no fear – Birds Eye is here with another recipe that will have you going cock-a-hoop around your dinner table. We would suggest cooling that piquant peri peri taste with a combination of low fat yoghurt and mint. Want to go that extra step further? How about adding some cubed cucumber to produce a tzatziki and make a Portuguese-Greek mezze of joy…


Spice up your supper with peri peri

Peri peri rice

This is definitely one for those who can stand the heat, and are willing to stay in the kitchen to produce a sizzling meal! A combination of our peri peri chicken and spicy rice is a treat for all the family, but the cherry tomato on top of this delicious dinner is the vegetable kebabs. If your kids are vehemently opposed to veg, this is a great way to bring them round by simply placing some tomatoes, courgettes and red onions on a skewer for a creative, colourful side dish.

Peri peri chicken noodle salad

Get prepping your chopstick skills because this one is a vibrant mix of perfectly grilled peri peri chicken and colourful veg on a bed of noodles. It’s a fusion dinner that really whets the appetite, so serve it up in the biggest bowl you can find, and get the whole family around the table!
PS. We’ll forgive you if you’re nervous about wielding some chopsticks and would prefer to use some different digging kit – knives and forks are available… 


What to serve with peri peri chicken

Couple your chicken with homemade chips

We hope these have given you a little food for thought, but if you just feel like winging it then we can also give you a little guidance with what else to eat alongside your peri peri chicken. And we know the ideal place to start – the British national treasure that is the glorious chip! 
What’s more, if you’re feeling creative, we have some simple instructions here of how you can you make homemade chips from the comfort of your own kitchen! So whether you’re a fan of a classic oven baked number, or you’re a budding Heston Blumenthal wanting to make some triple-cooked chips, we have you all set to go with your spuds.

The final touches to complete your meal

You’ve now got your carbs sorted, but what if you’re hatching a plan to add more to your plateful of delicious peri peri? How about some corn on the cob to nibble on – not only is it tasty, but it’s a source of folic acid which helps keep your immune system healthy! Alongside that, you could make your own coleslaw to add even more colour to your dinner, and use a low fat yoghurt for a healthier option. 
We bet you’re now wondering how to finish this feast off with one further perfect partner for your peri peri chicken? One word – halloumi! Stick it on the grill or the BBQ, and before you know it, you’ll be saying hallo to a tasty cheese that will beautifully complement peri peri chicken.

Don’t get too cocky, but with this peri peri chicken guide in hand, you should be extremely confident in creating a veritable feast or two to remember for all the family! Winner winner, Chicken Chargrills for dinner.