Vegetable Curry Recipes

These days, a good curry is as much a part of British life as a game of cricket or a cup of tea. Chicken tikka masala is all very well, but why not create some new family favourites and spice up your week with any of these healthy, simple vegetable curries. They’re a great option if you’re looking to cut down on meat or if you have vegetarians around the dinner table.

Whether you need something quick to add a splash of colour and flavour to your midweek routine, or are cooking to impress, we’ve got you covered with this easy list of vegetable curries to suit every taste.

Quick and easy vegetable curry recipes


Mild pea and sweet potato curry

Looking for something fresh, packed full of vegetables but not too spicy? Take your Birds Eye frozen peas on a journey of discovery, pairing them with sweet potatoes and flavouring them with delicate spices that are gentle enough for all the family to enjoy.


Vegetable korma

Try Birds Eye’s vegetarian take on the korma, a truly classic curry. Garam masala, cumin powder and mustard seeds bring this dish to life – dust off that spice rack and get creative!


Try something a little fancier


Pea and aubergine curry

Eggplant, aubergine, call it what you will. What we can say for sure is that this dish will curry favour with your veggie friends at your next dinner party!


Curried English pea soup with paneer stuffed naan

There’s naan better than a show-stopping side dish to turn a soup into a marvellous main meal. This recipe puts a twist on our classic pea soup recipe and pairs it with a freshly-baked naan bread made with Indian fresh cheese that will have your guests coming back for more.


As these recipes prove, it’s easier than you think to serve up your very own healthy, authentic-tasting vegetable curry. If you like things a little meatier and are really in a curry hurry, why not get that takeaway experience from the comfort of your own home with one our famous curry ready meals!