Vegan Picnic Ideas That 
Everyone Will Enjoy

Get your picnic rugs out and your cool boxes ready, because we have some delicious vegan picnic ideas to put on your radar. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or on a flexitarian diet, Birds Eye have you covered when it comes to filling your picnic hamper full of tasty vegan treats that everyone can enjoy.


Vegan Salad Recipes


There’s nothing like a refreshing salad to share with your friends while you enjoy the sunshine, so we’ve pulled together a few of our favourites for you to choose from.


Vegan Chicken Dipper Salad 


You can give up the meat but don’t need to give up on that delicious crispy batter. Using our original Chicken Dipper Salad recipe as a guide, simply substitute the Birds Eye Chicken Dippers with our new chicken-free dippers from our Green Cuisine range.

Vegan Coleslaw 

Everyone loves a bit of coleslaw and it’s the perfect addition to a picnic. Simply swap out the low-fat yoghurt for some vegan mayo and you’re set to add it to the picnic banquet!

Vegan Picnic Sandwich Ideas

Sandwiches and wraps are ideal for picnics. They travel well and are easy to eat with your hands, so they’re definitely one to add to the hamper. Simply wrap them up in some foil to keep them fresh.



Vegan Chicken Pittas


Chicken nuggets don’t have to be for the kids only! Follow our chicken pittas recipe for some inspiration and simply substitute the chicken grills for chicken-free nuggets for a heavenly vegan creation. They’re the same taste and texture as our chicken nuggets, only powered by plants, so this dish will be a winner!



Meat-Free Sausage Rolls 


You can’t have a picnic without sausage rolls, and these delicious meat-free alternatives certainly won’t disappoint. Tasty on their own, or pair with your favourite sauce or dip, they’ll definitely go down a treat!

Whatever your meat-free taste buds require, Birds Eye will always have something to offer. Check out more vegetarian and vegan recipes for some delicious mealtime inspiration.