How To Perfect Your Freezable Meal Prep 


Everybody knows that the freezer is great if you want quick, tasty food at a moment’s notice. While you might be used to diving into the freezer shelves to rustle up some crispy Cod Fish Fingers, have you ever tried prepping your meals then freezing them for later?


Prepping your own freezer meals is a great way to make sure you have healthy, home-cooked meals on hand whenever you need them. Simply prep your recipes, allow them to cool then place into freezer-safe food bags or Tupperware and voila!


Having meals ready in the freezer means you will be less tempted by a takeaway, and can still enjoy a hearty, warm meal when you have no ingredients in to cook with, or simply can’t be bothered with the effort! This method is also brilliant for people who have very little time to cook during the week, but can prep at the weekend.


Read on to find out what foods to use to up your prep game

What foods are best for freezing

Not all foods freeze equally. However, some foods are fine to freeze and will maintain their flavour and texture. 

Vegetables work especially well when frozen, and there are many benefits of frozen vegetables as they retain their nutrient content longer as opposed to fresh. 

Meals that are sauce based are also suitable for this technique, as there is less worry that the dish will be dry or soggy once reheated. See our favourite freezer-friendly recipes below:



Easy meals you can freeze


Stews are the perfect dish to freeze, as the liquid base means it retains flavour and will be easy to reheat later on. Plus, you can easily make a big batch and freeze multiple portions to eat throughout the week and beyond!

This hearty recipe for Chickpeas, Spinach and Sausage Stew is packed full of vegetables and goodness, so you can be sure that you always have a portion filled with vitamins ready to go.


Like stews, curries also work well with freezer prep because you can easily cook up a big pot and portion it up for later. As a bonus tip, you can freeze some naan bread, then simply pop into the toaster or grill to defrost and serve alongside your curry.

This Mild Pea and Sweet Potato Curry recipe is a flavoursome family favourite, fantastic for the freezer! Or take a look at our other curry recipes and meal ideas and get inspired.


Chilli is a great example of an extremely versatile meal. Tortillas keep well in the freezer and can be quickly defrosted in a pan or under the grill to serve with your chilli.

Try this easy Vegetable Chilli recipe packed with brilliant beans which have numerous health benefits and nutritional value thanks to their high protein levels.



Many people don’t realise that liquids like soups are also freezer friendly! They’re easy to reheat as well – simply pop in a pan and gently simmer until heated through. You can also freeze bread ready to pop in the toaster to defrost and dip – just remember to slice before your freeze!

Check out our soup recipes like this Green Pea Soup which is perfect to have in ready for a cold night.

Pasta sauces

Making pasta and sauce is a good option for the time-poor as it is quick and easy both to prep and to reheat later. You can either freeze portions with the pasta already combined with the sauce or simply freeze sauce portions so you already have a flavoursome sauce filled with healthy, vegetables ready to defrost and pair with freshly boiled pasta.

Find inspiration for prep-worthy pasta recipes like this Spaghetti Bolognese recipe with added Birds Eye Garden Peas for an injection of colour on your plate. 

Now you know how to perfect your freezer meal prep with these easy recipes and a little help from Birds Eye products, you never need to struggle with having nothing in for dinner ever again! Want to continue learning? Read our fascinating article that looks at how long food can be frozen for.