5 Healthy Eating New Year’s Resolutions You Can Stick To

In the no man’s week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve we find ourselves flitting from party to party and glancing forward towards a fresh start from 1st January. We often make New Year’s resolutions involving healthy eating… only to then break them. We at Birds Eye know only too well how tricky it can sometimes be to stick to those resolutions.

It’s easy to jot down healthy eating promises whilst nibbling on a Boxing Day mince pie, but we’re aware that it’s a tougher challenge to keep to it when you’re marooned in the deep depths of January. That’s why we’ve put together some easy healthy eating New Year’s resolution tips, which we hope will see you through until the following December! 

Whether you’re simply tucking into one of Birds Eye’s delicious Vegetarian recipes featuring two of your 5-a-day, or learning more about a healthy balanced meal – we’re here to help!


1) Put some more protein into your diet

Protein is crucial for our body. We use it to grow, restore and maintain tissues, while protein is also vital for bones and muscles. So all in all, it’s pretty important stuff. A diet providing enough protein should help keep your body in good condition, but what’s a sensible way of incorporating it into your daily meals?
Well, using Birds Eye products, it’s easier than you may think. Regularly cooking up eggs, chicken, pulses or fish is a great platform to build off. How about a sizzling Madras Curry or a Salmon & Sweet Pea Risotto to get you excited for dinner on the first day back at work after the festive period?

2) Keep an eye on your saturated fat intake

Fat- it is really a case of quality rather than quantity mattering, and saturated fats are the ones to moderate. So, how much is too much? Well, 20g for adults and even less for children according to the NHS. That is why we’re constantly on the lookout for food that is lower in saturated fats, but ultimately, in amongst the midweek madness at the beginning of the year, we understand that it’s tough to cook up a convenient meal that ticks all the health boxes.

3) Start the day right with a healthy breakfast

First of all, it’s key that you eat breakfast. When the New Year gets into full swing, it’s all too easy to slip out the door without eating anything and starting the day on the wrong foot. So what should you be tucking into after rolling out of bed?
You don’t have to re-invent the wheel – something as simple as a bowl of wholegrain cereal with a piece of fruit will give you a solid start to the day. That said – don’t be afraid to mix it up. How about making yourself a smoothie chock full of your favourite vegetables and fruits, or cooking up a savoury option such as a pea omelette!


4) Get creative in the kitchen

The great thing about cooking at home is that you know exactly what is on your plate. This is the easiest way to make sure what you’re eating at dinnertime is nutritious and of course, delicious. Imagine the kitchen as your blank canvas in which you can create a masterpiece (don’t worry – your stove doesn’t have to look like an abstract painting once you’ve finished)!

Using Birds Eye’s vast selection of products should get your creative juices flowing to produce your tour de force, but if you need any more inspiration then look no further than our varied list of recipes. It’s also a great chance to get the kids (sous-chefs) involved! Having them in and around you completing some simple tasks will get them excited about the healthy meal they’re about to tuck into at the dinner table!

5) Try out Meatless Mondays

If you’re a keen carnivore then it’s easy to fall into the trap of munching on meat seven days a week. Lean meat can certainly be a beneficial part of a diet, but you should also look to up your intake of plant based products as well. That’s why we’ve recommended trying out Meatless Mondays – especially if you’ve had a big hunk of roast beef on the Sunday!

This will not only give you a beneficial break from meat but also a chance to sample our fantastic range of frozen veg and meat-free meals! Reluctant to try frozen over fresh? Check out our page dispelling frozen food myths which includes some expert opinions from registered dietician and health writer, Laura Tilt.

So there’s no need to fear any mid-January slump – with these easy-to-follow tips, you should be able to carry out some simple daily changes that will improve your diet. Even if you do have a slight slip for a couple of weeks (it happens to us all!), just keep calm and follow the Captain®.