Post Workout Meals: What To Eat After A Workout 

Peas, a great post-workout food

Whether you do any kind of sport or you lead a sedentary lifestyle, eating well is always essential. However, when you take part in any kind of physical activity, you should be aware of what your body needs and choose the right foods. Peas contain proteins, carbs and water, exactly what you need after a workout to perform at your best.

What foods do you need after a workout?

Don’t cut out carbohydrates completely. Some people eliminate carbs, but they’re the main source of energy for our bodies, and without them it won’t be possible to reach our fitness goals. Carbohydrates are also an essential element of a healthy, balanced diet.

When you work out, your body needs energy to perform, so it uses up the glycogen stores from its muscles. It is as important to fuel our muscles before exercising as it is to reload them afterwards. For a healthy diet, carbohydrates should come from loads of veggies and starchy carbohydrate foods - ideally whole grains.

After your training session, your body repairs your muscles. The main role of proteins is the repair, growth and maintenance of our bodies. That’s why having enough protein in your diet is so important. Proteins should come from different sources to get all the amino acids your body needs. Besides animal sources, there are plant-based proteins, such as peas.

What’s more, staying hydrated is essential. After an intensive training session, you’ll have lost a good amount of fluid by sweating, so water after your workout is as important as food in recovery.

Do I need protein shakes for muscle gain?

Despite what you might hear, following a healthy, varied diet ensures you get enough protein without the need for high-protein shakes. If you hit the gym every day you might think you need a higher intake of protein, yet most people consume more protein than they need, so getting more from supplements or protein shakes is not necessary.

What happens if I get more protein that I need? You won’t build up more muscle, instead the extra protein is just used for energy!

Best time to eat after a workout

Not only is it important to know what to eat after a workout but also when to refuel our bodies for proper recovery. To succeed, plan ahead what you need to prepare your post-workout meals, so make sure your cupboards are full of vegetables. Frozen options can help you because they are as good nutritionally as fresh foods and you can easily control the portions.

In the first couple of hours post-workout, our body needs to restock glycogen stores and water. Peas are great at this moment because they contain some carbs. A piece of fruit or a wholegrain toast are good options; get inspired by this Peas on Toast recipe.

In the hours following your workout, it’s also important to eat some protein. You can mix proteins and carbs and prepare a nutritious meal. One Pot Lamb Casserole with Peas, Button Onions and New Potatoes or Iberian Ham Ravioli with Peas & Prawns are great nutritious post-workout meals.

Remember! Protein shakes really aren’t necessary - balanced and healthy meals and snack are much better!