The Benefits of Chicken: Is Chicken Good For You?

Reviewed by Lauren Woodley, Registered Nutritionist, speciality in healthy sustainable eating, on 12/07/2021
Lauren Woodley

Ahh, the humble chicken.  Boil it, grill it, stick it in a stew, mix it with pretty much any flavour you want – chicken has been a popular part of our diet for thousands of years.  Read on to find out why Birds Eye chicken makes a great addition to a balanced meal.

What Are The Benefits of Chicken?

So what’s so good about it? One of the main reasons we’ve continued to eat it, all over the world in almost every culture, is chicken’s health benefits – the nutritional benefits of chicken can’t be underestimated. As well as being rich in protein, it’s a brilliant source of some really important vitamins and minerals that help us stay healthy – chicken has served us well over many years, and we like to think we serve it pretty well too.

Health Benefits of Chicken: The Nutritional Breakdown

This unflappable meat’s main claim to fame is that it’s a great source of lean protein, but the benefits of eating chicken don’t end there – it’s packed full of other important nutrients too. Our Chicken products are all made with 100% chicken breast (apart from our Chicken Shop range - where we also sell delicious Chicken Wings and succulent Chicken Thighs!).

Chicken contains nutrients including:

1. Vitamin B3 (niacin)

This vitamin keeps our metabolism in shape, helps our nervous system function and can help to reduce tiredness. Why not try our delicious chicken dippers or wholegrain chicken nuggets to boost your B3 intake?


2. Vitamin B6

Like B3, B6 is one of the main vitamins in chicken and also helps to keep our metabolism, nervous system and immune system healthy.  If you’re in need of a little B6 boost, our hot and spicy chicken is a great option!

3. Phosphorus

This mineral helps to look after our bones and teeth, as well as playing a part in our metabolism.  For a simple and tasty main dish providing phosphorus, try our southern-fried chicken.


4. Protein

Protein is one of the body’s main building blocks – it’s crucial that we all eat enough of it to stay healthy.  One of the many benefits of chicken is that it’s packed full of this multi-tasking marvel! Protein has several important roles including muscle growth and maintenance, supporting healthy bones, and repairing muscles. How much protein we need is different for each person, depending on things like age and weight, but what’s certain is that we all need some! 

It’s especially important that children get enough protein while their bones and muscles are growing. A meal with Birds Eye chicken, our succulent peas and some potatoes is perfectly balanced and provides a great protein source.

Check out the full Birds Eye chicken range, from classic chargrills to indulgent garlic and herb kievs and pick out your favourites


What Are The Other Health Benefits of Chicken? 

We don’t just love chicken for its nutrients – it’s also got a few other benefits that keep everyone coming back for seconds!

  1. Chicken is a lean meat, especially the lower fat white breast meat

  2. It’s a very tender, soft meat (as long as it’s cooked properly) and doesn’t have a strong flavour on its own, so it’s a great choice for young children 

  3. Freezing helps to lock in the nutritional benefits of chicken, and helps to avoid wasting food

Our top tip would be to make sure your chicken is always cooked right through – our product labels tell you how long Birds Eye chicken needs.


Does Our Chicken Contain Hidden Sugars?

Don’t flap – you can rest assured that our chicken doesn’t bring along hidden sugars as an uninvited guest. To check for yourself, have a look at our nutrition and ingredient labels – they’re on all of our product packs.   

There’s a wealth of chick-spiration out there for you to try, so take a look at our chicken recipes, created with love from Birds Eye. You’ll be sure to find some firm family favourites that are both delicious and healthy!.

Plus, if you’ve got some of that tasty chick left over, then take a look at our leftover chicken recipes so your food doesn’t go to waste!