Cook Frozen Sausages To Perfection With Our Tips

 How to grill sausages

 If you’re cooking meaty sausages, you can use the same techniques as above! Whether your sausages are frozen or fresh, just follow the instructions on your pack to work out how long you should cook your sausages for, and at what temperature.

 Another way to cook meaty sausages is on the grill. This is a slightly healthier option, as grilling allows fat to run out of the sausage. Here’s how to cook the perfect grilled sausage:


 Grill from fresh

 Cooking time (check your pack for more precise instructions!): 6-12 minutes

  • Turn the grill onto a medium heat.
  • Place sausages onto a grill pan that will catch any juices that run off.
  • Place underneath the grill, turning the sausages over every few minutes.
  • You will know your sausages are cooked through when the juices run clear when pierced with a fork. You also won’t be able to see any pink meat.
  • Enjoy your sausages in an inventive dish like this chickpeas, spinach and sausage stew or simply with a side of Steamfresh vegetables.



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