It takes dedication, courage and passion to be out on the oceans for long spells in all kinds of weather. Here we share the experiences, hopes and ambitions of Captains who are proud to call themselves fishermen.

Meet Captain Jeff Garrison and Tylar Loewen, the night deck boss, and learn about life trawling for Alaska pollock onboard the C/P Starbound.


Night on Alaska’s Bering Sea. Only the lights of the 300ft C/P Starbound break the pitch black darkness. Work on this boat never stops. Even in rough seas when huge, freezing waves batter the hull and reach as high as the wheelhouse. 

Throughout it all, Tylar Loewen is focused on keeping the crew, the gear and the catch safe. ‘Working in rough seas is hard, but if the shift ends with a net full of fish, it’s all worth it’. 




Captain Jeff Garrison, 46, was always going to be a fisherman. His dad was captain of a 125ft crabber, and Jeff spent his childhood summers out on the ocean, playing on the rear deck. Experiencing those days with his dad inspired him. Jeff would watch him and think ‘Wow, I want to be like that guy’.

To Jeff, being out on the waters gives him a sense of freedom. It’s part of who he is. ‘It doesn’t feel like a job. I actually miss the adventure of it when I’m home.’


Jeff Garrison feels the same, recognising the role he plays in protecting the planet, so that current and future generations are able to make a living off the ocean. 

‘It’s our job to leave things the way we found them. When shoppers see the MSC label I hope they understand we’re taking care of the stock of fish’.

Photography: @Mark Meyer. Courtesy of the Marine Stewardship Council.