We care
for the oceans

As the biggest global purchaser of sustainably caught fish and the largest user of the MSC ecolabel of any seafood brand globally, we are helping consumers eat a little more goodness every day. And we have a vested interest in the health of our oceans. 


It has been estimated (by Greenpeace) that 10% of plastics entering our seas come from abandoned or lost fishing gear known as ‘ghost gear’.

The Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) is the world’s largest cross-sectoral alliance committed to driving solutions to the problem of ‘ghost gear’ worldwide.

We want to be proactive in tackling this issue by supporting initiatives that remove waste from the ocean or prevent debris from entering it.

As a member of the GGGI, we are part of their mission to drive solutions to the problem of lost, abandoned and otherwise discarded fishing gear worldwide. 




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