Inspiring healthy meal choices with Birds Eye

At Birds Eye we encourage people to eat a little more goodness every day.

We do this with our varied and delicious portfolio, including our fish, vegetables and an ever-growing selection of meat-free meals.

Find out how you can reduce the environmental impact of your diet here.

Our Healthier Meal Choices are developed with nutrition, variety and balance in mind and are objectively determined to be healthy using our Nutrient Profiling Tool.


How are we expanding and optimising our food range? 

While we are proud that such a large proportion of our portfolio is made up of fish, vegetables or chicken, what we put into the remainder of our portfolio is equally important to us. This is why we're dedicated to innovating and optimising our food range to help our consumers make healthier meal choices. Find out more about how nutrition is at the heart of our innovation process here.


How do we know that we're nutritionally responsible? 

Recognising the importance of external validation of our approach to nutrition here at Birds Eye, we have commissioned two independent audits of our policies and practices on health and nutrition, which has verified that we are a nutritionally responsible company. These audits were inspired by the Access to Nutrition Index; a ranking of the largest global food and beverage companies, based on their approach to nutrition.

Learn more about Birds Eye and nutrition here.

We will champion a balanced lifestyle and increase the healthy meal choices in our portfolio. 80% of our products* are currently a healthy meal choice - and we keep improving.

Our Target
Increase the healthy meal choices in our portfolio* year after year

Why do we care about labelling?

Clear nutrition labelling helps our consumers make informed food choices. We use front of pack labelling to help advise consumers how much our food contributes to their daily Reference Intakes. We voluntarily label fibre to assist consumers in making sure they consume a balance of nutrients throughout the day and, wherever possible, we use local nutrition signposting systems or health marks that have been shown to help consumers make healthy food choices.

For example, in the UK we’re applying Traffic Lights across all of our products throughout 2018. In France, we’ve signed up to the Nutriscore voluntary front of pack labelling initiative. In the Nordics, we apply the Keyhole symbol or Heartmark to appropriate products.

Learn more about our commitment to clear nutrition labelling and signposting and our overall approach to nutrition here.

*Based on net sales and excludes Gastro, Food Service, Spain, CG, HU, GR, RYS, Goodfella’s and Aunt Bessie’s.