Innovating for a more sustainable future

We are committed to making it easier for our consumers to make healthier and more sustainable food choices.

That’s why we always push innovation in food and continue to optimise our range.

Nutrition is at the heart of our innovation process

Vegetables are bursting with vitamins and minerals. Fish is full of protein and can provide vital nutrients, including Omega-3, selenium, and iodine, depending on the species. Chicken is a versatile white meat, full of protein. These real, simple ingredients are the perfect base from which we craft many of our products and are foods that we believe can help you to eat a little more goodness every day.

We actively monitor the nutrient content of all our products, new or existing (while maintaining the product experience that people know and love).

Through our innovation process we’re able to create products that contain nutritious ingredients, such as vegetables and fish, which consumers are advised to eat more of due to their varied health benefits.



Our Nutrient Profiling Tool has been designed and verified by independent experts to help us innovate new healthy products and to nutritionally optimise current ones. It looks at the overall composition of a product to give a classification of its healthiness to help consumers make healthier meal choices.


Learn more about how we make healthier meal choices here.

And how our products fit into a nutritional based diet here.

The proof is in our products

We constantly innovate and optimise products to make it easier for our consumers to eat a healthy balanced diet.



To celebrate the power of plant based eating we have a wide range of vegetable based products such as Family Favourite, Veggie Fingers and vegetarian meals, including our Veggie Bowl range.  

Our new range of pulses mixes are a delicious source of both plant protein and fibre - perfect to enrich any family meal. A portion counts as 1 of your 5-a-day.

In the future, we will launch more plant-based and vegetarian options, helping our consumers to expand their meat-free repertoire and eat a more delicious and varied diet full of plant foods.



Our Fish Fingers are known for making children fall in love with fish, and are an easy way for the whole family to eat more fish. We have expanded our range of healthy Fish Fingers to include omega-3, whole grain, and gluten-free varieties.

Our omega-3 Fish Fingers are not only delicious and a great source of essential omega-3 fatty acids, but they are also better for the planet as they help to reduce the pressure on our oceans cod supplies.

In the future, we’ll continue to grow and update our fish range to introduce new species for our consumers to enjoy. This will help reduce the pressure on the ocean stocks of popular fish. We will also continue to expand our understanding on aquaculture, offering more sustainably farmed fish and seafood options.