Seasonal Summer Vegetables


As you may know, different vegetables are harvested in different months and seasons of the year, with each vegetable being at its peak at specific times. Summer, from the long hot days of June to the festival-filled month of August, delivers a cornucopia of vegetables. Peas, green beans, carrots…we are truly spoilt. Here at Birds Eye we take full advantage of this wonderful growing season- harvesting our vegetables at their peak, then fast freezing to lock in the goodness. And by goodness, we mean nutrients, quality and taste. The best thing about our Birds Eye vegetables is that you can enjoy summer-ripe vegetables year-round, being assured that their taste, quality and nutrition are great even in the depths of winter. 

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Here’s just a selection of summer’s bounty…


Nutrient packed peas

Perfectly sweet and tender, we’re very proud of our peas. Harvested across summer, peas are perfect as a side dish by themselves or mixed with butter or herbs, and as an ingredient in many delicious dishes including salads and pastas. We love our peas so much, we have provided you with information on everything you’ve ever wanted to know about peas- check this out here.

Think peas, think protein and vitamin C! Aside from being naturally low in sugars and rich in fibre, peas are a great source of protein and contain vitamin C. Protein is important for normal child growth, as well as for healthy muscles and bones at any age, and peas are an excellent plant protein source. The vitamin C in our peas, meanwhile, helps the normal functioning of our immune and nervous systems, as well as normal metabolism. It also aids iron absorption- so it’s a truly brilliant vitamin! For peas recipe inspiration, visit our pea hub.       


The Goodies in Green Beans

Green beans are a delicious green vegetable, coming into season late summer. They’re great as a side dish, in curries, and tossed into salads, and provide a rich source of fibre and a source of folic acid. Folic acidis known to reduce the risk of neural tube defects, like spina bifida, in infants when daily needs are consumed by pregnant women, however it also has other functions in our bodies, including contributing to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, and aiding normal immune system function. 

Year-round, go for variety

At Birds Eye, we’re freezing in the goodness. Remember, frozen vegetables are just as good as fresh vegetables nutritionally, and they count towards your daily portions of vegetables. With our varied range of natural and prepared vegetables, you can eat the rainbow and get all the daily vegetable variety you need for a broad range of vitamins and minerals. Turn your freezer into your personal season-free vegetable patch, to pick from every day!