Peas Sweet and Tender

Birds Eye’s Extraordinary Sweet and Tender Peas

The story behind our peas is what makes them special. We go to extraordinary lengths to bring you the very best-tasting peas for your meals.

The small green balls of goodness are a nod to the summer months, that can be enjoyed the whole year round. Our long-standing expertise in harvesting, nurturing and selecting peas at their peak, is the secret to producing their exceptionally sweet and tender taste.

Why is this important to us? It is our heartfelt mission to bring to you the highest quality peas, that are just as good as fresh. Not only do our fresh-frozen green peas provide convenience, we want to help you create the most wonderfully delicious dishes that keep both their quality and flavour.

We also know how important it is to provide great-tasting nutritious food for the whole family. That’s why we care about bringing the best of our crops, all the way to your dinner table.

Sweet and Tender Peas

We take all the necessary steps in creating great-tasting peas, so you can enjoy them in countless dishes, all-year-round. The result is sweet, tender and versatile peas that brighten up any meal.

For those who prefer heartier peas, to enjoy as a side dish or to add goodness to your recipes – our garden peas are the perfect choice. They make a great accompaniment to fish and are a great addition to all your favourite pasta dishes.

Our Petits Pois are tiny colourful peas that are bursting with an extra sweetness. Petits Pois are small but mighty when it comes to taste, and they work beautifully in fish or lamb dishes and are perfect for Sunday roasts and special occasions.

We Just Grow Superior Quality Peas

Our experienced team have crafted their expertise with 3 generations of farmers to build up knowledge and expertise. 70 years of experience helps us to harvest our peas to perfection and that’s what make them taste deliciously sweet. We are unrivalled when it comes to producing superior quality peas, and the proof is in the flavour.

Birds Eye grow varieties of peas that no-one else does. Our range of Petits Pois and Garden Peas, gives you a choice of lovingly-grown peas that are also packed with healthy nutrients. We want you to benefit from all the work we put into producing great-tasting sweet peas that you won’t find anywhere else.

Add an extra special touch to your family’s favourite dish using our cooked frozen green peas, and make a meal that everyone will love

We Pick Our Peas at the Right Moment

At Birds Eye, we have our fieldsmen that walk the fields every day to tend to our crops. We pay close attention to the growth cycle of our harvest, to ensure peas are picked at exactly the right time.

The great taste of our peas is the result of a process that begins every autumn. We take care of all the small details, in each step of the process, to help produce the very best-tasting sweet and tender peas.

Just as Good as Fresh

Our freshly picked Garden Peas and Petits Pois are frozen at their peak ripeness, within just two and a half hours of being picked from the field. 

We go through the careful process of freezing our peas soon after they are picked, to prevent loss of nutrients and lock in freshness. By freezing our peas quickly at their peak ripeness, we are able to bring you fresh-frozen peas that retain their natural vitamins and minerals. Our peas even retain their vitamin C unlike fresh vegetables, where vitamin c levels decline with each day of their shelf life.

We are passionate about providing you with the best peas from our crops so you can enjoy the sweet and tender goodness with all your meals. Add our peas to a wide variety of dishes from soups and roasts, to pastas and curries to give your meals a boost of flavoursome goodness.