How to keep your kids entertained at Christmas

Pea possibilities are infinite! From pea soup to risotto to ice cream...
Peas are a sweet and nutritious piece of summer that can be used
in the making of a range of dishes throughout the year.
The Christmas holidays can be a tough time for parents - especially when finding ways to entertain, not just the kids but also friends and relatives throughout the festive season. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the kitchen, cooking lunches and dinners that require lots of preparation when you should really be out celebrating and enjoying this magical time of year with loved ones.
So, Birds Eye are here to inspire your Christmas holiday menu with a range of convenient, easy-to-make and tasty meal ideas that will make cooking for the family easier, and help you entertain your kids in the kitchen while school is out.

Festive Fish Finger Sandwich
Nothing says Christmas quite like the taste of oaky smoked salmon and crunchy lettuce with fresh dill – and whilst you might usually expect to find these delicious ingredients within a prawn cocktail starter on Christmas day, we’re mixing it up a bit at Birds Eye so you can enjoy all of these festive flavours with our delicious Fish Fingers, stacked in a sandwich.
This quick recipe is a great lunch option and as it’s so easy to make you can let your kids have some fun in the kitchen and get them to assemble their own sandwich. Not only will this help them learn more about what they’re eating but we’re sure it’ll keep them quiet as they enjoy every bite.

Peas in Blankets
There’s lots to prepare in the run up to Christmas day, especially when it comes to the main event – Christmas dinner! Pigs in blankets are an essential when it comes to the big day, so why not add a twist and try something a bit different with our Peas in Blankets instead?

Kids can get hands on in the kitchen and help prepare the pea mixture, wrapping each one in bacon whilst learning all about the nutritional value of the pea itself. We’re sure your kids will love helping you cook up a festive feast in the kitchen and this little dish is a great way to keep them busy.

Braised Beef with Pea and Horseradish Dumplings
For a hearty winter warmer, look no further than our delicious Braised Beef with Pea and Horseradish Dumplings. This family feast is one we’re sure everyone will enjoy, especially as your kids can make the dumplings and sit proudly at the dinner table knowing they’ve helped out!
This recipe requires a few different ingredients so head to the shops and get your kids to help you pick them out. Then whilst the beef is cooking, encourage your kids to make the suet dumplings – the recipe is easy to follow and they’ll love to get their hands messy in mixture!

Green Pea Hummus Dip
If your kids are hungry and restless, this quick dip is sure to ‘ap-pease’ their appetite and keep them busy in the kitchen.
Perfect for parties or lunch time snacking, this recipe can be served with almost anything! Your kids can (carefully) cut up their favourite healthy crudités and get dipping. Whether they want carrots and cucumber or pitta and fish fingers – this vibrant hummus dip is sure to be a firm fridge favourite.

Set the Christmas Scene

Armed and ready to keep your kids entertained in the kitchen with four delicious recipes, why not encourage your children to learn other skills in and around the kitchen, especially as Christmas is also a time for crafting!

Help your children make some festive centrepieces for your Christmas day feast. Some simple ideas include collecting pine cones and rolling them in PVA glue before sprinkling them with gold or silver glitter. Pop them in a glass jar and set them around the table for a magical Christmas setting for your hearty dinners.
You could also create some simple hanging decorations to adorn your dining room – they’re easy to make and require little effort. Making paper chains are a great way to keep your kids entertained over the holidays, and as you can use all sorts of different paper, their patterns can be unique and personalised. Whilst supervising your kids, help them carefully cut strips of paper and link them together with a paperclip or setting with PVA glue before hanging from end to end – it really is as easy as that! You’ll have a Christmas banquet setting fit for a King in no time!

We hope we’ve given you lots of inspiration when it comes to keeping your kids happy and entertained over the holidays, especially with our range of frozen meat, fish and vegetables giving you all the nutrients, flavor and simplicity you could want.
Whether you’re wanting to cook something special for friends and family or hosting a Christmas party, get kids involved to entertain them with Real Food, Simply Made from Birds Eye

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