Nutritionist Maria Parisi

Maria Parisi

Nutrition Manager

Registered Nutritionist and Nutrition Manager at Nomad Foods. Passionate about food, cooking and nutrition.

Maria Parisi is a Registered Nutritionist and joined Nomad Foods as Nutrition Manager in September 2020. In her role, Maria is responsible for contributing towards the delivery and implementation of the company’s nutrition policy, manifesto and key initiatives, providing nutrition expertise and support to colleagues across Europe.

Prior to joining Nomad Foods, Maria worked for the British chef and campaigner Jamie Oliver, managing and delivering nutrition and food education programmes and providing Nutrition expertise for his international cookbooks, TV shows, food products, restaurants, cookery school and website.    

Throughout her career, Maria has worked closely with the general public as well as with chefs and colleagues from the food industry, passing on her passion about nutrition and promoting good food and healthy eating habits.