Quick Colour Fixes:
Hacking Healthy Eating


Hacking Healthy Eating

You don’t need to be a world-class chef to keep your kitchen colourful. In fact, making any meal healthy and nutritious is super simple! With Birds Eye frozen vegetables in your freezer, you’ve got the perfect way to give any of your culinary creations an extra burst of colour.

Our vegetables can be used in so many ways and it’s easy to make them the star of the show: from delicious pea soups, to vibrant mixed-vegetable curries or, pair them with your favourite meals as a tasty side by adding a healthy splash of colour to almost any dish. 

Steam Into Dinner Time

When it comes to healthy hacks, there’s nothing simpler or more convenient than steam cooking. It’s the quickest, healthiest way to get great-tasting vegetables on your plate. 

Our Steamfresh range comes in special steaming packs, ready to be cooked. By steaming them in the pack, the colourful vegetables are cooked to perfection, every time. And because they’re never overcooked, they keep all the colour and freshness they had when they were picked and hold onto their nutrients. 

Best of all, our Steamfresh vegetables can go from freezer to table in under 4 minutes, making them perfect for a last-minute healthy hack. Just pop the pack in the microwave, and a few minutes later you’ve got delicious, steaming vegetables ready for eating.

So, whether you’re adding Steamfresh vegetables as a side, or using them in a recipe, having them up your sleeve (or in your freezer) is a great way to get some healthy colour onto your plate.

See how you can use Streamfresh veg to hack healthy eating with some of our favourite recipes.

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