Birds Eye® Survey – Spilling the Beans on Frozen Food Myths

We’re well aware of the benefits of frozen food – after all, it’s part of our mantra. Our products are always made with love, from Birds Eye. But we were intrigued to see what the nation thought, so we took out a survey to scoop up their opinions in a poll.

Are Brits still reciting frozen food myths which should have been anchored at the bottom of the ocean long, long ago? What is the nation’s favourite food from the treasure trove that is the freezer? Which age groups are the most and least fin-spired by the joys of frozen food? 

Birds Eye have also teamed up with registered dietitian and health writer, Laura Tilt to further dispel those pesky myths and tell us why you certainly shouldn’t frown at frozen food!
Hear from Laura in this video and keep on reading below to see five illuminating stats picked from our survey.


Doesn’t frozen fruit and veg contain fewer nutrients than fresh?

Shockingly, 36% of us don’t know that frozen fruit and veg actually contain just as many nutrients as their fresh equivalents. 
Freezing fruit and veg naturally preserves their delicious goodness and has no effect on those vital fats, proteins and carbohydrates. While fresh produce loses vitamins over time in storage, frozen keeps those goodies on ice – literally.

Doesn’t fresh food last longer than frozen?

Ice is all that’s needed to naturally store your food in the freezer. 18% of the UK don’t know that frozen food lasts as long as fresh, yet, in truth, ice is nature’s very own preservative!
The freezer will keep your veg as cold as ice, but don’t worry about the prospect of veg-icicles forming at the back of your bottom drawer – it will stay as good as new and store longer than fresh in there. Therefore, no matter what the season, you’ll have a varied balanced diet available straight from the freezer with all the benefits of frozen food

Aren’t frozen foods filled with preservatives?

Let those misconceptions melt away! Despite a third of us being unsure as to whether frozen food is chock-full of preservatives, ice naturally increases the storage life of many of your favourites. 
So, you can be safe in the knowledge that frozen food can form part of a balanced diet when you’re delving into the freezer for a midweek meal to delight all the family.

Don’t younger people believe more in the nutritional value of frozen food? 

We wanted to find out which age group knew the most about frozen, and it turns out the older participants were the most knowledgeable on this occasion… 36% of 18-24 year olds didn’t think frozen food contains as many nutrients as their fresh equivalent – compared with just 13% of over 55s. 
It’s a real shame, but it seems a large proportion of the younger generation are unaware of the benefits of frozen! Our advice? Pick those peas out of the freezer to see that freezing actually keeps taste, colour and quality in check. And remember, freezing also locks in vital vitamins and minerals, making frozen as nutritionally beneficial as fresh food

Who’s the champion of the freezer?

In the hard-fought battle of pea vs. chip – who was crowned the nation’s freezer favourite? By only a pinch of salt and pepper, the most consumed frozen item in a typical week is the mighty pea! A firm favourite particularly in East Anglia, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the West Midlands – the frozen pea reigns supreme. 
However, the humble chip was only narrowly beaten in London and Yorkshire, whilst firmly securing the crown in Wales and the North East. However, to be a true ‘pea-cekeeper’ try combining your own homemade chips and Birds Eye peas for a delightfully delectable meal!

Based on a survey of 2,000 people carried out in August 2018 by OnePoll