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About Forever Food Together

This is the story of Forever Food Together, our sustainability programme.

We are passionate about providing responsibly sourced and prepared food to you that is tasty and nutritious – and our aim is to do this forever.

Our business started to pioneer responsible sourcing and preparation of food decades ago and during this time we have been at the forefront of developing global food safety, traceability and sustainability standards.

Today our food is independently audited and certified to show that our sources of food are safe and responsibly produced. We take care that our food comes from areas that can supply food now and into the future.

Unfortunately, in recent times, society has become wasteful in the way it uses food.

We believe that all the hard work we do to responsibly source and prepare our food is wasted if society continues to generate the vast amounts of food waste that is being reported.

Here are the facts:
The world is wasting 1/3rd of all food produced!

Across the EU over 89 million tonnes of food are wasted each year and this is estimated to rise to 126 million tonnes by 2020 if no action is taken!

now 89m tonnes of food wasted
126m tonnes of food wasted

(Study of food waste generated across the EU 27 states, Bio Intelligence service report for European Commission, Technical Report - 2010 - 054)

This is why we want to encourage everyone to make the most of our food resources so that more and more people have nutritious food to eat - forever.