Delicious Birds Eye Chicken Recipes

Perfect for hot sunny days and cold winter nights, our range of tasty chicken recipes are easy to make, and even more enjoyable to eat all year round! Whether you’re cooking for the family or are hosting a special dinner party, we have a variety of chicken dishes that we’re sure everyone will enjoy. From hot and spicy chicken rice to chicken chargrill chasseur, our delicious chicken dishes are a must-have on the menu. Read on for more recipes and chicken meal ideas.

Salmon and Sweet Chilli Jacket

Hot and Spicy Chicken Rice

Our hot and spicy chicken rice recipe is created with refreshing flavours of lemon and coriander, making it a sensationally seasoned dish.
This recipe combines our irresistible hot and spicy chicken grills with a variety of nutritious ingredients to help you feed your family and friends a hearty and wholesome meal, whether enjoyed at lunch or dinner.
To create the dish, follow our quick and simple steps.

Salmon With Dill

Original Chicken Chargrill Chasseur

Take a look at our version of the French classic and cook up a culinary delight with this filling and comforting chicken chasseur.
This stew-like recipe is sure to be a winter warmer, even though it’s a delicious dish that can be enjoyed for any lunch or dinner, no matter the time of year.
Read on for the full recipe.

Salmon and Sweet Chilli Pita

Sweet and Sour Crispy Chicken with Noodles

Mix up your mid-week meal and try our version of the classic sweet and sour Chinese takeaway dish.
Created with our Birds Eye chicken dippers combining a natural sweetness with a warm chili flavor, this sweet and sour chicken recipe is a great way to spice up your mid-week meals.
 Discover this delicious recipe here.