Follow The Fish - FAQ  

Follow The Fish - FAQ  

If you have entered the promotion via a Hotmail or Live email address, and your query is about not receiving an email, please note that sometimes the Hotmail / Live systems block promotional related emails from reaching the recipient. If you are a winner you will still receive your plate.



-          When does the competition open & close?

o   The promotion goes live on 2nd Sept for 12 weeks, closing 24th November. We will then have a late draw on 21st Feb 2020 where at least 10 plates will be given away.


-          How do I enter the competition?

o   To enter you need to buy a promotional Birds Eye product, go to the website:, enter your details including the batch code of your pack and a winner will be randomly selected every 15 minutes.


-          What is the prize?

o   You can win an amazing, limited edition Ocean Explorer plate which has been exclusively designed by children’s illustrator Gareth Lucas.


-          How often can I win?

o   There will be a winner every 15 minutes from 8am-8pm each day the promotion is live.


-          How many times can I enter?

o   You can only enter once per pack, but you can enter as many different packs as you like.


-          How many times can I win?

o   To make sure everyone has a chance to enjoy our amazing Ocean Explorer plate each household is limited to 2 plates.


-          I can’t find my batch code- where is it?

o   Your batch code can be found on the side of your pack in the white area.


-          How many prizes are available

o   We have around 4000 plates to give away, they really are a Limited Edition.


-          I’ve seen packs on shelf before the official start date, can I enter?

o   Unfortunately, you can’t enter the competition until 2nd September, but you can still follow your fish and find out where it has come from.


-          Can I enter via mobile?

o   Yes! Our website is fully designed for mobile entries.



-          Is it the same prize on each product?

o   Yes, every prize winner will receive our amazing Ocean Explorer plate and passport.


-          What will you do with any leftover plates?

o   Once the competition has finished we will run a final late draw, where all non-winning entries and entries entered between 25th Nov 2019- 21st Feb 2020 will have a chance to win additional plates. There is a chance to win 1 of at least 10 Ocean Explorer plates.


-          How will I know if I’ve won?

o   Every lucky winner will be contacted via email to let them know they have won an Ocean Explorer plate. If you are entering via a Hotmail or Live account, please note that their filtering system may prevent you from receiving email notifications from this promotion.


-          Will I receive an email even if I haven’t won?

o   Yes, everyone who hasn’t won will receive an email letting them know, we’ve also included a colouring in sheet so it’s not all bad. Everyone who hasn’t won will also be entered into a late prize so there’s still a chance to win. If you are entering via a Hotmail or Live account, please note that their filtering system may prevent you from receiving email notifications from this promotion.


-          What is ceramic?

o   Ceramic is a material that is often used in pottery and crockery. It’s strong but brittle so please make sure you handle with care.


-          Is it microwaveable and dishwasher safe?

o   Yes, our plates are fully safe to use in the microwave and the dishwasher. We recommend placing it in the top of the dishwasher to make sure the beautiful design stays looking its best. 


-          What is the plate design referring to?

o   The amazing design on our plates depicts the sustainable world of Captain Birds Eye, where we only take the fish we need.


-          Is it child safe?

o   As our plates are made from a ceramic material so they can break. we would advise that parents handle the plate rather than children.


-          My plate has broken, can I get a new one?

o   Unfortunately, we can’t replace broken plates. You can enter the competition again for another chance to win.


-          Who is Gareth Lucas?

o   Gareth Lucas is a well-known children’s illustrator who has created our beautiful Ocean Explorer plate showing the sustainable world of Captain Birds Eye.


-          How long should my plate come take to arrive?

o   Your plate can take up to 60 days to arrive, we will try our best to get this to you as soon as possible.

-          My plate still hasn’t arrived yet, where is it?

o   Please contact [email protected] and they will be able to help you get your hands on a beautiful Ocean Explorer plate.


-          My plate arrived but its broken!

o   Oh no! Sorry about that, unfortunately sometimes our plates can break in transit. Please contact [email protected]


-          Is the packaging recyclable?

o   Yes, all the packaging is made from cardboard and therefore can be recycled.


-          How will the plate be delivered?

o   Your plate will be sent via Royal Mail, so should arrive within 60 days. If you have any issues, please contact [email protected] and they will be able to help.


Fish provenance, Sustainability & MSC/ASC

-          Are all your fish really 100% MSC or ASC certified?

o   Yes! It’s a core part of our sustainability mission and we are proud to say that this year, all our fish are 100% MSC or ASC certified.


-          Can you really see where this fish was caught?

o   Yes, all you need to do is visit our fish provenance tool. All you will need is the batch code from your pack.


-          What is Birds Eye doing to help look after our oceans?

o   You can find all about Bird Eye’s sustainability work by visiting:


-          Why are you doing this promotion?

o   Birds Eye are celebrating the great work we are doing to maintain sustainable oceans as well as becoming 100% MSC & ASC certified this year.


-          Why do you call it follow this fish?

o   We call it follow the fish because that’s what we want to encourage people to do! Our aim is to get everyone who enters our competition to use our Fish provenance tool and find out where the fish they are eating was caught!