Soft Meals For Those With Swallowing Difficulties

Soft Meals For Those With Swallowing Difficulties

Birds Eye is pleased to unveil a new line of softer meals, designed for people with swallowing difficulties and available exclusively at our partner brand, Alimento.



Introducing Alimento

Alimento is powered by Birds Eye. The products available at Alimento have been developed to allow people living with swallowing difficulties – a condition known as dysphagia – to be able to get the nutrition they need.


Many people with swallowing difficulties are unable to eat many types of food, and must instead rely on purées. These are often unappetising and unappealing… until now.


Birds Eye Soft Meals, exclusively available on, is designed for those who have difficulty swallowing, giving them the opportunity to enjoy delicious ready-meals suitable for those with mild swallowing or chewing difficulties (IDDSI 7 – Easy to Chew)…

They are made using a French technique of shaping puréed food into timbales, which are shaped to appear like a regular meal. These appealing meals reduce embarrassment and discomfort at mealtimes, and enable those who need them to have a meal to look forward to.


The meals are nutritionally complete, made from quality ingredients and contain all the goodness you’ve come to know and love from Birds Eye, served in puréed format for people who have difficulty swallowing.


Convenience and Ease

The Soft Meals are just like regular ready meals; a convenient and easy-to-prepare meal that can be popped in the microwave from frozen and served within minutes.


The ordering process is simple: just choose your meals, select your delivery day, and Alimento does the rest. Your order is shipped in as little as 24 hours (depending on your chosen delivery date), and the meals arrive safely packaged with packs of dry ice that keeps them frozen until 6pm on the day of delivery – so even if you’re out when they’re delivered, you can rest assured they won’t defrost before you get home.


The boxes are a uniform rectangular size and shape, meaning they’re easy to stack neatly in your freezer until you’re ready to prepare one.


Alimento developed these Soft Meals because they believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy delicious, nutritious food regardless of their personal circumstances.

Visit Alimento


The Birds Eye Soft Meals collection is available exclusively at Alimento, with a range of tasty flavours and combinations to suit any preference. There’s also a vegetarian option, as well as weekly supply packs you can choose.


You’ll also find helpful information and articles on living with swallowing difficulties, as well as a supportive community forum where you can ask questions and connect with fellow customers and experts. 



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