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New In Our Range

At Birds Eye, our vast range of quality frozen food products makes it easier than ever to prepare a simple but healthy meal at home. Besides our classic fish fingers and fresh frozen vegetables, you can rustle up a variety of quick and tasty meals with products such as our grilled chicken or premium beef burgers. Our food is easy to cook, minimises waste and is packed full of nutrients, with all freshness locked in by the freezing process. Birds Eye products are great for those who love traditional cooking, but also those who love to try something new. Get inspiration for your next family meal by browsing our selection below.

New In Our Range

Stir Your Senses

Liven up your mealtimes with our delicious selection of ready to cook meals from around the world. Inspired by Italian, Spanish, Indian and Thai cuisine, our Stir your senses range gives you the chance to enjoy a multi-sensory experience from your home, with all meals ready in a pan in less than 10 minutes. Forget the fuss of preparation and spending hours over the stove; all it takes for you to unlock mouth-watering aromas and exotic flavours is to give one of our eight authentic meals a quick stir. Take a look at our exciting new range of chef-inspired dishes below. 


Our SteamFresh range is great for those looking to fix healthy and tasty meals in a hurry. All products are steamed to perfection, allowing you to enjoy maximum freshness and delicious flavours in a matter of minutes. From ready to cook rice meals to our classic microwave vegetable mix, you can choose from a variety of dishes spanning cuisines all over the world. Not only that, but our SteamFresh products are easy to keep, reducing waste and helping you to cook more sustainably.


Revolutionise your home cooking with our Inspirations range, which uses only the finest ingredients and most scrumptious flavour combinations from around the world. Our products are full of fragrance and freshness, from our fish chargrills with Thai coconut and lemongrass to our delicious Peri Peri chicken dishes. We’ve used luxury ingredients and herbs such as rosemary, parsley and dill to give our products – and your mealtimes – a boost. Cook our tasty meals straight from the freezer for a hassle-free dinner the whole family will enjoy.

Lightly Dusted

We've made our tasty range of succulent cod fillets even tastier by lightly dusting them in a delicate crumb. This is infused with delicious seasonings, fresh lemon and a touch of cracked pepper to create a taste combination your family will love. Choose from three different lightly dusted meals – garlic and herb; sea salt and rosemary; lemon and black pepper – and enjoy a meal packed with flavour and nutrients. Not to mention the fact that our products are simple to cook and all freshness is locked in by the freezing process.

Wholegrain Fish & Chicken

Take healthy meals to a new level with our wholegrain fish and chicken range. We’ve coated our products in a deliciously crunchy crumb made from 100 percent wholegrain breadcrumbs, so whether you’re looking to cook with fish fingers or rustle up a tasty chicken dinner, you can treat your loved ones to a delicious meal that’s full of goodness. Our wholegrain range is the perfect solution for those evenings when you want to feed your family a dish that’s not just quick and easy, but healthy too.