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Our Peas!

How do we pick thousands of tonnes of them each harvest?  What happens to the peas after they’re picked? And how do we get them from picked to frozen in just 2 ½ hours?

Find out how we put our 60 years of expertise into putting the best peas on your plate.

Top Seeds

Great Birds Eye peas start as great seeds. We carefully select our seeds so we can be sure we’re getting only the very best. Once planted, it’s up to Mother Nature and our farmers, to grow them into perfect peas.

Harvest Time

Our state-of-the-art Pea Viners make harvesting easy peasy. They take the perfectly ripe pods off the vines, remove the peas from the pods and return the waste pods to the field to fertilize the next crop.

A Quick Wash

After being transported only 35 miles to our factories, the peas are washed and then quickly blanched ready for freezing.

The Big Freeze

The unique Birds Eye fast-freeze process freezes the peas to the perfect temperature for locking in vitamin C, other nutrients and flavour, so that they’re exactly where we want them - in the peas!

On the Road

After bagging our peas are transported to shops all over the UK. Innovative loading methods, better driver training and vehicle monitoring technology, we are driving down the number of miles our peas have to travel.

Our Fields and Farmers

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>> Yorkshire: Tamara Hall
>> Lincolnshire: Robert Borrill
>> Perthshire: Bill and Geoff Bruce