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Freezer friends

Enjoy more great food, save money and waste less with our freezer facts and celebrity tips

Did you know that over half of British households throw away perfectly good food straight from the freezer?

Three reasons why we waste food*
1.We don’t know what’s in our freezer

34% of households (equivalent to 8 million homes) have ‘no idea’ what’s in their freezer.

2.We don’t know how long food’s been in the freezer

39% of households (equivalent to 9.5 million homes) throw food away because they couldn’t remember when it was frozen.

3.We underestimate how long food can be safely stored

85% of households (equivalent to 21 million homes) significantly underestimate the length of time that frozen food can be stored safely, and throw perfectly good food away as a result.

Fact: the freezer is your friend. Get to know the rules for frozen food, and you can make more of your food, save money and waste less.

*Based on survey data drawn from a representative sample of 1,064 UK households, taken between 26 September and 1 October 2008 and commissioned by Birds Eye.
Frozen Pea

Freezing facts: the truth about frozen food

All Birds Eye food is fast-frozen while the product is absolutely fresh – this locks in nutrients as well as taste.

Fresh food can be frozen at any point up to its use by date and remain safe.

All fresh food can be frozen safely without a time limit. As long as the food is consistently frozen at -18°C or below, it will stay perfectly safe.

The optimum freezer temperature for preserving food quality is -18°C or below – cold enough to ensure food stays properly frozen and maintains quality.

Find out how we’ve perfected frozen food to lock in great tastes, freshness and goodness. 

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